Vaishnava Songs

Vaishnav songs are devotional songs composed in glorification of Lord Krishna & His devotees.
Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the supreme personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna. He appeared in Bengal in 1486 along with His eternal associates with the main purpose of teaching real bhakti. Vaishnava songs have been composed by Lord, His eternal associates & His surrendered devotees. These songs gives us a glimpse to the highest devotional ecstasies of Krishna consciousness.
Singing these songs of devotion is an essential tool of Bhakti yoga. It at once liberates us from the miseries of this temporary world and transfers our conscious to higher levels of love of God.
These vaishnava songs popularly called bhajans, have been written in traditional languages. For your convenience, we have presented these bhajans in english translation. These songs can be downloaded as PDF. They can be printed and distributed. Popular vaishnav bhajans are accompanied by audio recordings of famous ISKCON kirtaneers. Listening them will help you sing these bhajans in various melodious tunes. Singing these vaishnav bhajans along with like minded friends is a great way to experience the transcendental bliss of Krishna consciousness. Proceed to vaishnava song list.