Nira Dhama Gata

Nira Dhama Gata ,Krishna sree

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ”Nira Dhama Gata”. The Official Name for this song is ”Bhajana Lalasa Song 6″. This song is taken from the book Saranagati. Bhaktivinoda Thakura explains that Ganga does not get affected by mud and foam and other kinds of impurities. In the same way even though a Vaishnava has a material body he is spiritual and hence should not be criticized otherwise he has to face the consequences at the Yamaraj’s court. One should remember that it is because of the magnanimous nature of a Vaishnava only we can attain Krsna Prema.
hari he!
nira-dharma-gata,  jahnavi-salile,
pańka-phena drsta hoya
tathapi kakhona,  brahma-drava-dharma,
se salila na chadoya
vaisnava-sarira,  aprakrta sada,
swabhava-vapura dharme
kabhu nahe jada,  tathapi ye ninde,
pode se visamadharme
sei aparadhe,  yamera jatana,
paya jiva avirata
he nanda-nandana!  sei aparadhe,
yeno nahi hoi hata
tomara vaisnava,  vaibhava tomara,
amare koruna doya
tabe mora gati,  ha’be tava prati,
pa’bo tava pada-chaya
(1) Mud and foam are seen in the waters of the Ganges, for that is the inherent nature of river water. Yet Ganges water never loses its transcendental nature.
(2) One may likewise find defects in the body of a Vaisnava, yet his body is always spiritual, never material. That person who criticizes the body of a Vaisnava falls into deadly irreligion.
(3) For such an offense, the fallen soul continuously suffers the tortures of Yamaraja, lord of death. O youthful son of Nanda, I pray that I not be destroyed by committing such an offense.
(4) The Vaisnava is Yours, and he is Your glory. May he be merciful to me. Then my life’s journey will lead to You, and I will obtain shelter in the shade of Your lotus feet.