Ore Mana Karmer Kuhare Gelo Kal

Ore Mana Karmer Kuhare Gelo Kal ,bhaktivinod thakur

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song: “Ore Mana Karmer Kuhare Gelo Kal””. The official Name for this song is Upalabdhi: Anutapa-laksana-upalabdhi Song 3. Bhaktivinoda Book's Name is Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that we do so much of sacrifices and get involved in performing household duties that we forget that all this wont give us peace of mind. Only Shri Krsna will give us happiness and liberation.
ore mana, karmer kuhare gelo kal
svargadi sukher ase,porilam karma-phanse,
urnanabhi-sama karma-jal
upavasa-brata dhori',nana kaya-klesa kori',
bhasme ghrta daliya apar
marilam nija dose,jara-maraner phanse,
hoibare narinu uddhar
barnasrama-dharma yaji',nana deba-debi bhaji',
mada-garve katainu jibana
sthira na hoilo mana,na labhinu santi-dhana,
na bhyajinu sri-krsna-carana
dhik mor e jibane,dhik mor dhana-jane,
dhik mor barna-abhimana
dhik mor kula-mane,dhik sastra adhyayane,
hari-bhakti na pailo sthana
(1) Oh my dear mind! What shall I say to you now? All my time has been spent inside the deep pit of fruitive activities. With high hopes of future happiness in the heavenly planets, I have fallen into the trap of fruitive actions and reaction, which is exactly like the entangling web of a spider.
(2) Observing many different types of austere vows and fasting to achieve some future heavenly goal, I thus performed such useless physical labor for no real tangible result. This was just like pouring oblations of ghee onto dry ashes only. Now I am being strangled within the noose of karma, being destroyed by my own foolish nonsense. And the only result is that I have not been able to deliver myself from this predicament.
(3) I conducted many sacrifices in honor of many different demigods and goddesses, as is recommended for householders in the varnasrama-dharma system. But by doing this I only became so puffed up that I wasted my whole life in such delirious pride. I never got any peace of mind by doing all this, for I completely missed out on the golden treasure of spiritual satisfaction. So much trouble I underwent because I never worshiped the beautiful lotus feet of Sri Krsna!
(4) Therefore to hell with my whole life! To hell with all my wealth and followers! To hell with my caste-pride! To hell with all my so-called dignity of family prestige! To hell with my studies of the karma-khanda scriptures, for I have not become fixed up in pure devotion to Lord Hari!