Ore Mana Klesa Tapad

Ore Mana Klesa Tapad ,bhaktivinoda thakur

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Ore Mana Klesa Tapad”. The Official Name for this song is Upalabdhi: Anutapa-laksana-upalabdhi Song 5. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says in this material world we are always suffering under threefold miseries.We are constantly in anxiety and we keep on wondering what is the remedy for this.The permanent remedy for this is by taking the shelter of lord Krishna. Sri Krishna has come in the form of Chaitanya Maha prabhu to help all the afflicted souls and free them from material anxiety.
ore mana, klesa-tapad dekhi je asesa
avidya, asmita ar, abhinivesa durbar,
raga, dvesa — ei panca klesa
avidyatma-bismarana, asmityanya-bhibhavana,
abhinivesanye gadamati
anye priti ragandhata, vidvesatma bisuddhata,
panca klesa sadai durgati
bhuliya baikuntha-tattva, maya-bhoge su-pramatta,
'ami' 'ami' koriya bedai
'e amar, se amar', e bhavana anibar,
byasta kore' mor citta bhai
e roga-samanopay, anvesiya hay hay,
mile baidya sadya yamopama
ami brahma maya-bhrama' ei ausadher krama,
dheki' cinta hoilo bisama
eke to' roger kasta, yamopama baidya bhrasta,
e jantrana kise jay mor?
sri caitanya doyamoy, koro' jadi samasroy,
par habe e bipada ghor
(1) My dear mind, all I can see is unlimited material miseries and difficulties on all sides. Especially there are these five specific troubles: 1) ignorance, 2) distraction, 3) mis-concentration, 4) mis-directed love, and 5) impurity.
(2) (According to Patanjali's Yoga-sutra, Sadhana-pada, third sutra) The affliction of these five miseries results in continuous degradation in the following ways: 1) avidya: ignorance makes me completely forgetful of my nature as pure spirit soul 2) asmita: conceited egoistic pride causes me to be distracted from the real essence of life. 3) abhinivesa: I have become deeply absorbed in trivial pursuits; 4) raga: I've developed love and attachment to things which are averse to pure God-consciousness; and 5) dvesa: my soul has become filthy and polluted by nasty qualities.
(3) Due to all these distracting troubles, I am forgetting my real home in the spiritual world, the eternal land of no anxiety. And I have become completely mad by frantically trying to enjoy all the so-called enjoyments offered by maya's illusions. Thus I surround myself with so many misconceptions of "me, me, me". Oh mind, my dear brother, just see how my heart has become full of so much anxiety due to constant worries about "this is mine, that is mine".
(4) I am searching for the remedy to cure this material disease of being tortured by Yamaraja, but oh no! I've met a doctor who is no better than Yamaraja at all. This 'doctor' has given me the prescription "I am Brahman, maya is false", but now when I see the result of this so-called medicine, I feel an unbearable anxiety in my conscience.
(5) On one side I feel great difficult and grief from these five material miseries and on the other side stands the corrupted doctor (the Mayavadi who is just like another Yamaraja). How will I ever be able to get freed from being sandwiched in between this tormenting agony? There is only one remedy, that is: if I would simply take complete shelter of Lord Caitanya, Who is know to be the Most Merciful, then only I will easily cross over this ghastly calamity.