Pravrt Sri Bhusitaranya

Pravrt Sri Bhusitaranya, Sri Krishna

Sanatana Goswami has written this song “Pravrt Sri Bhusitaranya”. The official name of this song is Obeisance 52 Verses 208 to 210. This song is taken from the book Krsna Lila Stava. In this song, Sanatana Goswami describes the glories of Sri Krishna and his transcendental activities in Vraja.
pravrt-sri-bhusitaranya vrsti-kala-vinoda-krt
guha-vanaspati-kroda-sevin mula-phalasana
sadvalasana-varsa-sri-sammanaka namo'stu te
he saran-nirmala-vyoma-caru-kante prasida me
sarac-candra lasad-vaktra krta-gopi-maha-smara
1) O Krsna, when the beauty of the monsoon season decorated the forest, You performed pastimes in the caves and under the large forest-trees, eating their fruits and roots.
2) O Krsna, I offer respectful obeisances unto You. Sitting on a stone and eating Your lunch of rice and yogurt, You and Your cowherd friends are delighted by the autumn rains. Nourishing the fresh grasses, those rains worship You with their manifestation of charming beauty.
3) O Krsna, please be merciful unto me. The beautiful luster of Your form is like the clear autumn sky and Your face is like the splendid autumn moon. You have become the supreme cupid for the gopis.