Viracaya Mayi Dandam

Viracaya Mayi Dandam, Sri Krsna
Rupa Goswami has written this song “Viracaya Mayi Dandam”. This song is taken from the book Stavamala. In this song, Rupa Goswami prays to Sri Krsna, who is His only shelter.
viracaya mayi dandam dina-bandho dayam va
gatir iha na bhavattah kacid anya mamasti
nipatatu sata-kotir nirmalam va navambhas
tad api kila payodah stuyate catakena
pracinanam bhajanam atulam duskaram srnvato me
nairyasena jvalati hrdayam bhakti-lesalasasya
visva-dricim aghahara tavakarnya karunya-vicim
asa-binduksitam idam upety antare hanta saityam
1)  O Lord of the poor, do what You like with me, give me either mercy or punishment, but in this world I have none to look to except Your Lordship. The cataka bird always prays for the cloud, regardless of whether it showers rains or throws a thunderbolt.
2) I am very weak and lazy to do even the smallest devotional service and so when I hear of the peerless and difficult-to-perform services performed by the great devotees in ancient times, my heart burns with despair. O Lord, O killer of Aghasura, when I hear that Your waves of mercy splash everyone from the demigod Brahma down to the most insignificant creature, then my heart becomes sprinkled with a cooling drop of hope