Artha Hina Dekhi More


A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has written a song ”Artha Hina Dekhi More Chedeche Sabai” and the Official Name for this song is ”Vrndavane Bhajana Section 2”. This song is taken from the book Gaudiya Patrika. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada says that our relatives are with us only till the time we have material assets. They are not our true well wishers. For every birth we have different relatives. They remember us till we are alive in this world. Our true relation is with with Gopinath. He is our friend, guide and parent.

artha hīna dekhi more cheḍeche sabaī
kuṭumba ātmīya ār bandhu-jana-bhāī

duḥkha hoy, hāsi pāya, ekā basi’ hāsi
māyāra saḿsāra ei kāke bhālobāsi

kothā gela mātā pitā ār snehamoy
kothā gela jyeṣṭha yāńrā svajanādi hoy

tādera khabar kebā debe more bol
nāma mātra tā’der saḿsāra raye gela

(1) Upon seeing me without material assets, everyone, including my family, near-ones, and brothers have left me!
(2) Upon bearing such suffering, I get amused. Alone, I sit down and laugh. Who are my loved ones in the material world?
(3) Where have my mother, father, and my beloved ones gone? Where did my elders and relatives go?
(4) Who will give me news on them? Please tell me. Only thing remaining from them in this planet is their names.