Ghore Bose Cencaiya

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has written a song ”Ghore Bose Cencaiya” and the Official Name for this song is ”Vrndavane Bhajana Section 2”. This song is taken from the book Gaudiya Patrika. Prabhupada Swami says that everything belongs to Govinda. You need to come out of your cage and start chanting the Hare Krishna mantra loudly if you want to please Him. By incessant Krishna Kirtan one can remember Him throughout and Nirjana Bhajana can be attained.
ghare bose cencaiya pitta-vrddhi kari
koti janme o santusta habe na sri hari
sri hari nahe karo babar sampatti
“khonyader” bahira hao na koro apatti
saba sri harir ar sri hari sabara
koro ucca-svare kirtana ei siksa tanra
kirtana prabhave ha’be smarana apani
nirjana bhajana sei hrdaye takhani
(1) Sitting alone in your room shouting may increase your bile's secretion, but in ten million births Sri Hari won't be pleased.
(2) Sri Hari is no one's father's property. Come out of your cage, stop making objections!
(3) Everything belongs to Sri Hari and Sri Hari belongs to everyone. Chant the Hare Krsna mantra loudly!
(4) By the performance of such sankirtana there will come remembrance automatically. Then, there will be nirjana bhajana manifested in the heart spontaneously.