Mana Jogi Ho’te Tomar Basana

Bhaktivinod Thakur, Sri Krishna, Mana Jogi Ho’te Tomar Basana

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Mana Jogi Ho’te Tomar Basana”. The Official Name for this song is “Upadesa: Song 7”. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says we think that by becoming a yogi we attend love of Sri Krishna. But this is not the case. We should understand that this is a temporary solution.By practicing yoga we can control the senses for some times , there is a possibility that we might again want to acquire material desires. The simplest solution is Bhakti Yoga and thereafter acquire Krishna prema.
mana, jogi ho'te tomar basana
joga-sastra adhyayana, niyama-yama-sadhana,
pranayama, asana-racana
pratyahara, dhyana, dhrti samadhite ho'le brati,
phala kiba hoibe bolo na
deho-mana suska kori', rohibe kumbhaka dhori,
brahmatmata koribe bhavana
astadasa siddhi pa'be, paramartha bhule ha'be,
aisvaryadi koribe kamana
sthula jara parihari', suksmete pravesa kori',
punaraya bhugibe jatana
atma nitya suddha-dhanahari-dasa akincana,
joge ta'r ki phala ghatana
koro' bhakti-jogasroy, na thakibe kon bhoy,
sahaja amrta sambhavana
binoder e minati, chari' anya joga-gati,
koro' radha-krsna aradhana
(1) So, my dear mind, now you want to become a yogi. You read the various scriptures which describe different routines and techniques of sense control, breathing exercises and sitting postures.
(2) For attaining ultimate samadhi you undertake many difficult practices like withdrawal of the senses, meditation and perseverance. Tell me, what wonderful result will be there in exchange for such endeavor? Minimizing your bodily and mental activities, and making the senses dull and dry, you live by holding the breath in suspension. Thus you practice the yoga process while contemplating on the soul's nature as Brahman.
(3) You will get the eighteen mystic perfections and, mistaking them to be the greatest object of reality; you will entertain further wishes for still more wonderful opulences. Abandoning the plane of gross matter and entering into the subtle astral plane, you will simply undergo more troubles and tribulations all over again.
(4) The eternally pure wealth of the spirit soul is simply to remain as the humble servant of Lord Hari. In comparison to this eternal wealth, what kind of spiritual result could possibly come from mundane so-called yoga practice? Just take refuge totally in the yoga of devotional service and you will become fearless, for then there is all likelihood of attaining you immortal nectar very easily.
(5) Bhaktivinoda's humble entreaty is that you just perform the blissful worship of Radha-Krsna, my dear mind, and immediately reject all other goals of so-called yoga practice.