Suno He Rasikajana Krsna Guna Aganana

Suno He Rasikajana Krsna Guna Aganana ,radha radhe

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ”Suno He Rasikajana Krsna Guna Aganana”.The Official Name for this song is ”Ucchvasa: Ucchvasa Kirtana Guna Kirtana Song 2“. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that the transcendental qualities of Lord Krishna are innumerable. Sri Krishna Govinda has many parts to play in our life like He is a son, husband, lover, doctor….etc. He can deliver anyone to His personal abode only if any one wants to willing go with Him.
suna, he rasikajana krsna guna aganana
ananta kahite nahi pare
krsna jagatera guru krsna vascakalpataru
navika se bhava-parabare
hrdaya pirita ja’ra krsna cikitsaka ta’ra
bhava roga nasite catura
krsna bahirmmukha jane premamrta vitarane
krame laya nija antahpura
karmma-bandha jsana-bandha, avese manava andha
ta’re krsna karuna sagara
padapadma madhu diya, andhabhava ghucaiya
carane karena anucara
vidhimarga rata jane svadhinata ratna dane
ragamarge karana pravesa
raga-basavartti ha’ye parakiya-bhavasraye
labhe jiva krsna-premavesa
premamrta-vari-dhara sada panarata tan’ra
krsna tan’hadera bandhu pati
sei saba braja-jana sukalyana-niketana
dinahina vinodera gati
(1) Listen to this, oh wisest relishers of mellows! The transcendental qualities of Sri Krsna are innumerable; indeed it is not possible to describe such unlimited divine attributes. Krsna is the spiritual master of the entire universe, He is like a wish fulfilling desire-tree, and He is the helmsman of the boat on the ocean of material existence.
(2) Krsna is just like a doctor for those whose hearts are ailing, as He is very expert at destroying the diseased condition of material existence. By distributing the nectar of ecstatic love to all the inimical souls, He gradually takes them back into His own confidential realm.
(3) Krsna is an ocean of compassion for those who are bound up in fruitive reactions, as well as for those bound up in philosophical speculation, and for those blinded by other human perplexities. Giving the honey of His lotus feet, and thus relieving the darkness of such worldliness, He makes one an attendant of His own feet.
(4) Krsna eventually bestows the jewel of independence unto those persons who are attached to the path of rules and regulations, thereby allowing them entrance into the path of spontaneous loving service. Becoming influenced by such spontaneity, remaining under the shelter of the mellows of unwedded love (parakiya-bhava), the soul finally attains all the symptoms of ecstatic love for Krsna.
(5) Krsna is the dear most friend and husband of those who are always attached to drinking the fountain of ecstatic tears of love. Thus, the goal of this most fallen and lowly Bhaktivinoda is to be with all such residents of Vraja within the abode of Supreme auspiciousness.