Hunsar Theko Bhulo Nako

Hunsar Theko Bhulo Nako

Bhaktivinoda Thakur
has written this song “Hunsar Theko Bhulo Nako”The Official name of this song is Baul Sangit Song 7”. This song is taken from the book Baul Sangit. Bhaktivinod Thakur advice’s us to stay away from people who have sahajiya tendency. He tells us to concentrate in Sadhana-Bhakti. If we focus in this type of bhakti then we can improve our devotional services and our love for Lord Krishna will be stable. In Sadhana-Bhakti we will not impose our own concocted philosophy because this will deviate us from true bhakti and Bhajan.

(mana āmār) huńsā’r theko, bhūlo’ nāko,
śuddha sahaja tattva-dhane
noile māyār vaśe, avaśeṣe, kāńdte ha’be ciro-dine

śuddha-jīve jaḍa nāi bhāi, ṭhika bujho tāi,
nije sakhī (se) vṛndāvane
se jakhan kṛṣṇa-candre bhaje, sukhete maje,
madhura-rase anukṣaṇe

jaḍa-dehe tā’r sādhana-bhakti, jñāna-virakti,
deher yātrā dharma-bhāve
se gṛhe thāke, bane bā thāke, majiye ḍāke,
(`kṛṣṇa’) bole’ eka-mane

eke-i to’ boli sahaja-bhajan, śuddha-mana,
kṛṣṇa pā’bār eka upāya
ihā chāḍi’ je āropa kore, sei to’ mare,
tā’r to’ nāhi bhajan hoy

cāńda-bāuler e viśvās, choṭa haridās,
ekaṭu kevala vipathe cale’
śacī-suter kṛpāy, dūra ho’ye, hāy,
nā pāy ār gaura-caraṇe

(1) O my dear mind! Please be alert and cautious do not forget the treasure that is the principle of suddha sahaja tattva (pure natural truth as opposed to bogus sahajiya tendency). Otherwise ultimately in the grip of Maya you will perpetually weep.
(2) The pure spirit soul is not material, O brother understand this correctly but is actually a female sakhi living in Vrndavana. When the soul worships her Lord Krsna-candra in this mood, then she becomes immersed in pure happiness, incessantly tasting the sweetness of the madhura-rasa.
(3) While still living within the material body, she engages in sadhana-bhakti (regulated devotional service), developing detachment through the cultivation of jnana (transcendental knowledge), and thus passes life in accordance with religious principles. Such a devotee lives either at home or in the forest, and remains engrossed in calling out the name “Krsna!” with single-minded diligence.
(4) Verily this is called sahaja-bhajan, or natural worship. It is conducted with a purified mind, and is the one and only means for attaining Krsna. Whoever deviates from this process by imposing their own concocted philosophy indeed perishes; their activities are not bhajan.
(5) This is the conviction of Chand Baul. The devotee of Lord Chaitanya named Chota Haridasa somehow embarked on an improper path; by the mercy of the Son of mother Saci, he was cast away, alas, and did not again attain the lotus feet of Gauranga.