Jivana Sampat Kale Koribo

Jivana Sampat Kale Koribo ,govind hari gopal hari

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ” Jivana Sampat Kale Koribo”. The Official Name for this song is Upalabdhi: Sambandha-Abhideya-Prayojana-Vijnana Song 4. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that there is no guarantee of life. Death can occur to anyone at any time. Hence if we take the names of Sri Krsna from beginning then at the time of death it is very easy to remember Him. Otherwise it is very difficult. Hence why not practice and improve our devotion towards the Lotus feet of Shri Hari

jibana-samapt-kale koribo bhajana,
ebe kori grha-sukha’
kakhan e katha nahi bole bijna-jana,
e deha patanonmukha

aji ba sateka barse abasya marana,
niscinta na thako bhai
jata sighra para, bhajo sri-krsna-carana
jibaner thik nai

samsar nirvana kori’ ja’bo ami brndabana
rna-troy sodhibare koritechi sujatana

e asay nahi prayojana
emon durasa base, ja’bo prana abasese,
na hoile dina-bandhucarana-sevana

jadi sumangala cao, sada krsna-nama gao,
grhe thako, bane thako, ithe tarka akarana

(1) A wise, experienced man will never say: ‘At the end of my life I will worship God, but now I will enjoy happiness in family life’– for he knows that this body is tottering and unstable, about to drop at any second.
(2) Death certainly must come, either today or in about hundred years, so don’t live so carefree, brothers! Immediately begin worshiping the lotus feet of Krsna, for there is no fixed certainty of this life.
(3) One thinks: ‘After spending my worldly life I shall go to Vrndavana, but to purify myself of the three debts I am endeavoring very hard now’.
(4) This type of idea is not the ultimate goal of life. By the influence of such a nonsensical desire, your life will depart in the end without your ever having worshiped the lotus feet of -dina-bandhu-, the dear most Friend of the fallen.
(5) If you want the topmost auspiciousness, then just sing always the name of Krsna whether you live at home or in the forest. All these other arguments described here are simply aimless excuses.