Prarthana Paddhatih

Prarthana Paddhatih, Sri Radharani

Rupa Goswami has written this song “Suddha Gangeya Gaurangim”. The official name of this song is Volume 2: Prarthana Paddhatih. This song is taken from the book Stavamala. In this song, Rupa Goswami describes the glories of The Queen of VrndavanaSri Radharani.
suddha-gangeya-gaurangim kurangi-langimeksanam
jita-kotindu-bimbasyam ambudambara-samvrtam
vidagdha-mandala-gurum gana-gaurava-manditam
atiprestha-vayasyabhir astabhir abhivestitam
cascalapanga-bhangena vyakulikrta-kesavam
tvam asau yacate natva viluthan yamuna-tate
kakubhir vyakula-svanto jano vrndavanesvari
krtagaske’py ayogye’pi jane’smin kumatav api
dasya-dana-pradanasya lavam apy upapadaya
yuktas tvaya jano naiva duhkhito’yam upeksitum
krpad-dyota-dravac-citta-navanitasi yat sada
(1) O queen whose fair limbs are more splendid than pure gold, O queen whose eyes are as charming as the does' eyes, O queen whose face defeats millions of moons, O queen dressed in garments as dark as monsoon clouds, . . .
(2)  . . . O queen who is the crowning garland of mallika flowers on the decorated braided hair of the young gopis, O queen whose beauty is served by many splendid transcendental jewels and other ornaments,
(3)  . . . O teacher of the intelligent and expert gopis, O queen elaborately decorated with a host of transcendental virtues, O queen accompanied by Your eight very dear friends,
(4)  . . . O queen who arouses Lord Kesava with the waves of Your restless sidelong glances, O queen whose nectar bimba fruit lips have become the food of the prince of Vraja,
(5)  . . . O queen of Vrndavana, bowing down and rolling about on the Yamuna's shore, this person, with an agitated heart and a choked voice, appeals to You.
(6) Even though he has committed offenses, even though he is unqualified, and even though his intelligence is crooked, please give this person a small particle of Yourdevotional service.
(7) Because the fresh butter of Your heart is always melting in the splendor of Your transcendental mercy, it is not proper for You to neglect this anguished person.