Sarvasva Tomar Carane Sampiya

Sri Krishna Caitanya, Bhaktivinod Thakur, Sarvasva Tomar Carane Sampiya

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Sarvasva Tomar Carane Sampiya”. . This song is taken from the book Saranagati (Section: Goptritve Varana Song 3). Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that one should pray to Sri Krsna that whatever birth one takes should always have association of Sri Krishna Caitanya's dear devotees. One should always have mahaprasadam which is the remnants of His devotees. By having this prasadam one can free oneself from the sins.

sarvasva tomar, carane sampiya,
podechi tomara ghare
tumi to’ Thakur, tomara kukur,
boliya janaho more

bandhiya nikate, amare palibe,
rohibo tomara dware
pratipa-janere, asite na dibo,
rakhibo gadera pare

tava nija-jana, prasad seviya,
ucchista rakhibe jaha
amara bhojan, parama-anande,
prati-din ha’be taha

bosiya suiya, tomara carana,
cintibo satata ami
nacite nacite, nikate jaibo,
jakhona dakibe tumi

nijera posana, kabhu na bhavibo,
rohibo bhavera bhore
bhakativinoda, tomare palaka,
boliya varana kore

1) Now that I have surrendered all I possess, I fall prostrate before Your house. You are the Supreme Lord. Kindly consider me Your household dog.

2) Chain me nearby and maintain me as You will. I shall remain at the doorstep and allow no enemies to enter Your house. I will keep them at the bounds of the moat surrounding Your home.

3) Whatever remnants Your devotees leave behind after honoring Your prasada will be my daily sustenance. I will feast on those remnants with great ecstasy.

4) While sitting up, while lying down, I will constantly meditate on Your lotus feet. Whenever You call, I will immediately run to You and dance in rapture.

5) I will never think of my own maintenance but rather remain transported by a multitude of ecstasies. Bhaktivinoda accepts You as his only support.

Sarvasva Tomar Carane Sampiya – Sung by HG Jai Sachinanadana Prabhu
Sarvasva Tomar Carane Sampiya – Sung by HG Sivarama Prabhu

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