Tuwa Bhakti Anukula

Tuwa Bhakti Anukula , Jaya Govinda H

Bhaktivinoda Thakur has written this song ”Tuwa Bhakti Anukula”. The official Name for this song is ”Bhakti Anukula Matra Karyera Svikara Song 1″. This song is taken from the book Saranagati. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that one should engage in Krishna’s activities and be away from materialistic activities. One should also offer the food to Gopal and eat the offered food. Eating and smelling the remnants will control our senses. We should use our hands in the service of Govinda.
tuwa-bhakti-anukula je-je karya hoy
parama-jatane taha koribo niscoy
bhakti-anukula jata visaya samsare
koribo tahate rati indriyera dware
sunibo tomara katha jatana koriya
dekhibo tomara dhama nayana bhoriya
tomara prasade deho koribo posan
naivedya-tulasi-ghrana koribo grahan
kara-dware koribo tomara seva sada
tomara vasati-sthale basibo sarvada
tomara sevaya kama niyoga koribo
tomara vidvesi-jane krodha dekhaibo
ei-rupe sarva-vrtti ara sarva-bhava
tuwa anukula hoye labhuka prabhava
tuwa bhakta-anukula jaha jaha kori
tuwa bhakti-anukula boli’ taha dhori
bhakativinoda nahi jane dharmadharma
bhakti-anukula tara hau saba karma
(1) I will surely execute with utmost care those activities favorable to Your pure devotional service.
(2) I will feel fondness for those things in this world which are conductive to pure devotion, and with my senses I will engage them in Your service.
(3) I will carefully listen to all discussions concerning You, and the satisfaction of my eyes will be to behold Your divine abode.
(4) I will nourish my body with the sacred remnants of Your food and smell the sweet scent of tulasi leaves adorning those offerings.
(5) With my hands I will always execute Your service, and I will forever dwell at that place where You abide.
(6) I will employ my desires in Your devotional service and show anger to those who are envious of You.
(7) In this way may all of my propensities and emotions obtain dignity and glory by being favorable to You.
(8) I will consider as favorable to Your devotional service anything I do which is favorable to Your devotee.
(9) Bhaktivinoda knows neither religion nor irreligion. He simply prays that all his activities be conductive for pure devotion to You.