Amar Nitai Mile Na

Amar Nitai Mile Na

amara nitai mile na bhola mana
gaura mile na
sara gay makhila tilaka
gaura mile na
bhitar bahera thika na hale
gaura prema ki kothaya mile
(o tare)tik na hale upasana
til deyina tor de sona
sara gay………..
man pariskar koro age
gaura bhajana anurage
anurage tilak kete
gaura bhajana hala na(hay bhola man)
je jon mukta gosti adar kare
amara doyal nitai tahar ghare
(o tor)tare bhakti bhare dakala pare
utara sada safal habe

1) O Lost Mind You cannot find my Lord Nityananda as well as Lord Gauranga. You have smeared your whole body with tilak but still cannot find Gaura chaand.

How can you find the true love of Lord Gaura anywhere, if you are not properly situated internally and externally. If your worship is not proper O my friend, then you will not find that gold treasure of pure love.

3) You have to first clean the dirty mind, only then will affection for the names and glorification of Lord will arise. With affection i applied tilak……but could not do gaur bhajan..oh Lost mind !!

4) My merciful Nitai stays in the home of that person who loves this eternal commodity of love. When you call out with utmost devotion to that dear one of Lord, your path will be a success and not a failure

Amar Nitai Mile Na – Sung by HG Sivarama Prabhu
Amar Nitai Mile Na – Sung by HG Vaiyasaki Prabhu