Jayambikavana Prapta

Jayambikavana Prapta, Sri Krsna

Sanatana Goswami has written this song “Jayambikavana Prapta”. The official name of this song is Obeisance 302 to 303. This song is taken from the book Krsna Lila Stava. In this song, Sanatana Goswami describes how Sri Krsna rescued Nanda Maharaja from a serpent at Ambikavana, a holy forest.
jayambikavana-prapta sarasvata-jalapluta
vidyadharendra sapa-ghna jaya nanda-vimuktida
sravitahi-pura-vrtta sudarsana-vimocana
1) O Lord Krsna, all glories unto You. (Accompanied by the residents of Vraja), You traveled to the holy forest of Ambikavana, and bathed in the waters of the Sarasvati river there. When a giant serpent began to swallow Nanda Maharaja, You touched that serpent with Your lotus feet.
2) O Lord Krsna, You rescued Nanda Maharaja from the serpent, and freed the king of the Vidyadharas from the curse. When You heard the account of the serpent's previous activities, You released him and permitted him to return to the heavenly planets.