Madhava Parihara Me Patam

Madhava Parihara Me Patam

Rupa Goswami has written this song “Madhava Parihara Me Patam”. The official name of this song is Volume 6 Song 18. This song is taken from the book Stavamala. In this song, Rupa Goswami describes the conversation between Sri Radha and Sri Madhava, wherein She requests Him to stop troubling her and let her go.

mādhava parihara me paṭam etam
yāmi javena niketam

śuddha-satī-vrata-vittā aham atinirmala-cittā

prathayasi sujana-vimuktaḿ narmedaḿ kim ayuktam

yadi jānāmy adhitīraḿ tvām atigūḍha-śarīram

dūre sūra-sutāyāḿ sāyaḿ katham upayāyām

vidadhe bhavad avanāmaḿ caritaḿ parihara vāmam

vartma sanātanam ucitaḿ pālaya dhārmika-rucitam

Refrain: Madhava, let go of my garments! I am going home at once!
(1) I am famous for my vow of chastity. My heart is pure.
(2) Why do You speak these immoral jokes the pious never say?
(3) If I had known You would be hiding here on the shore
(4) Then how could I have come so far along the Yamuna at sunset?
(5) I bow down before You. Please give up these immoral acts!
(6) Please follow the eternal path that pleases the pious.