Yamuna Majjitakrura Jayakrura

Yamuna Majjitakrura Jayakrura, Lord Krishna

Sanatana Goswami has written this song “Yamuna Majjitakrura Jayakrura”. The official name of this song is Obeisance 86 Verses 343 to 348. This song is taken from the book Krsna Lila Stava. In this song, Sanatana Goswami describes how Akrura glorified Lord Krishna and offered numerous prayers to Him.
yamuna-majjitakrura jayakrura-ratha-sthita
svaphalki-jala-sandrsta paramascarya-darsaka
akrura-samstutanade padmanabhadi-karana
jagad-durvijneya-gate bhajamanaika-gamya he
nana-yajnarcaniyanghre nanakhya-rupa-marga-bhak
sarva-gatyapagambhodhe sarva-deva-mayesvara
jagad-asraya-sarvanga brahmandali-guhodara
soka-ghnanandada srimad-avataravali-yasah
(1) O Lord Krsna, all glories unto You. As Akrura, the son of Svaphalka took his bath in the Yamuna, You remained on his chariot. When Akrura was immersed in the water, You showed a supremely amazing thing to him.
(2)O Lord Krsna, Akrura offered prayers to You, saying that You are beginning-less and without an origin, and that indeed the lotus flower sprouted from Your navel is the origin of the entire universe. (He said that) Your movements and activities are not understandable by the conditioned souls within the universe, and that You can be approached only by those engaged in Your pure devotional service.
(3) O Lord Krsna, Akrura said that many different kinds of sacrifices and worshipping methods may be employed for the worship of Your lotus feet, for You possess many different names and forms and there are thus many paths to reach You. Because You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and the demigods are all parts of You, the rivers of different worshipping procedures may flow into the ocean which is Yourself.
(4) O Lord Krsna, Akrura said that Your limbs are the shelter for the entire universe, and the myriad of universes are all contained within the cave of Your abdomen. He said that with the glorious fame of Your beautiful and opulent incarnations, You grant spiritual bliss (to Your devotees) and remove the distresses (of material existence).
(5) O Lord Krsna, eager for liberation, and humbly begging for Your mercy, Akrura offered these prayers to You. Bestowing on him a small fragment of Your mercy, You gave to him devotional service in pure love of God, as well as the association of Your saintly devotees.
(6) O Lord Krsna, Although You cruelly neglected the gopis, Akrura offered these formal dry prayers to You. O ocean of amazing qualities, You asked Your uncle Akrura why he had become amazed.