Amar Saman Hina Nahi E Samsare

Amar Saman Hina Nahi E Samsare ,Bhaktivinoda Thakur

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ” Amar Saman Hina Nahi E Samsare”. The Official Name for this song is Ucchvasa: Prarthana Dainyamayi Song 5. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that maya is very strong. Devotees of Krishna are not affected by maya. Hence one should pray to Govinda incessantly to avoid being affected by material energy.
amar saman hina nahi e samsare
asthira ha'yechi padi' bhava parabare
kuladevi jogamaya more krpa kori'
abarana sambaribe kabe bisvodari
sunechi agame-bede mahima tomar
sri krsna-bimukhe bandhi' karao samsar
sri-krsna-sammukhya ja'r bhagya-krame hoy
ta're mukti diya koro' asoka abhoy
e dase janani! kori' akaitava doya
brndabane deha' sthana tumi jogamaya
tomake langhiya kotha jibe krsna pay
krsna rasa prakatilo tomar krpay
tumi krsna-sahacari jagata-janani
tumi dekhaile more krsna-cintamani
niskapata ho'ye mata cao mor pane
baisnabe bisvasa brddhi ha'ka prati-ksane
baisnaba-carana bina bhava-parabar
bhakativinoda nare hoibare par
(1) The likes of such a lowly soul as me is not to be found anywhere else in this world. Thus I have become most agitated due to falling into this vast ocean of material existence.
(2) Oh Yogamaya! When will you show mercy to me by lifting up the curtain of illusion with which you shroud the universe in your external form of Mahamaya? You are known askuladevi, the traditional worshipable Goddess of all the Vaishnavas dynasties.
(3) I have heard of your glories and activities from the Vedic literatures, You take all those souls who are averse to Krsna and bind them within the material world.
(4) To that person whose good fortune gradually dawns and allow him to again become favorably disposed to Krsna, you award him with liberation and make him free from all grief and fear.
(5) Oh my dear Mother! Showing your causeless mercy to your servant give me a place in Vrndavana, for you are Yogamaya Herself. (The internal energy of yoga, or union.)
(6) Without complying with you, no soul at any time can get Krsna, for the manifestation of Krsna's pastimes is all enacted only by your mercy.
(7) You are the devoted follower of Lord Krsna, and you are the mother of the universe. You have shown to me the transcendental touchstone of Krsna consciousness.
(8) My dear Mother, I sincerely wish that you will let my faith in the Vaishnavas increase at every moment.
(9) Without the lotus feet of the devotees of the Lord, Bhaktivinoda is not able to cross to the other side of this ocean of material existence.