Ataeva Tara Nahe Nirjana Bhajana

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has written a song ”Ataeva Tara Nahe Nirjana Bhajana” and the Official Name for this song is ”Vrndavane Bhajana Section 20”. This song is taken from the book Gaudiya Patrika. Srila Prabhupada talks about kanishta adhikaris who have limited knowledge on scriptures. They are more interested in their daily bread. They can delude the one’s who wants information about Shri Krishna and His Lilas.

ataeva tan’ra nahe nirjana bhajana
kanistha adhikara ei jagat-vashcana
bada bada nama jada vaisnava sajjaya
“padri saheb” asi mile saba tay
puchilo sri krsna lila vrndavana majh
na bujhalo tare tattva vaisnava samaj
kanistha adhikari saba sastra nahi bujhe
nirjane bharame sudhu ruti-cana kunjhe
(1) Therefore, they do not perform nirjana bhajana. The kanistha adhikaris (low class devotees) cheat the world through this.
(2) All the big big famous Vaisnavas were in assembly. Once, Padri Saheb (a high Christian priest) came in to meet them.
(3) He asked some questions about Krsna's lila in Vrndavan, but that association of venerable Vaisnavas was not able to enlighten him as to what the real truth is.
(4) The low class devotees do not understand the scriptures. By falsely living in solitude, all they hunt for is rotis and chickpeas.