Karma Phale Ase Saba

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has written a song ”Karma Phale Ase Saba” and the Official Name for this song is ”Vrndavane Bhajana Section 5”. This song is taken from the book Gaudiya Patrika. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada says this material world is full of miseries. One has to suffer for one’s sins and has to take rebirth accordingly. Nobody but Hari Govinda can deliver us from this repeated birth and death cycle.
karma phale ase saba nana vesa dhari
vesete majiya thake bhuliya sri hari
ataeva maya tare deya bahu duhkha
duhkhe habudubu tabu tahe mane sukha
cira rogi duhkha bhogi sayyate suiya
bhalo achi aja kohe hasiya hasiya
hasi pay tar “bhalo thakara” kathay
maya baddha jivera bhalo ei bhave hoy
(1) By the fruits of action, all souls come down and adopt a body. Immersed in that dress of the body, they forget Sri Hari.
(2) Therefore, illusion give them great misery and suffering. As they are immersed and resubmerged in this misery, they think it is happiness.
(3) A chronic patient suffering great pain lies upon his bed laughs and smiles, “I am doing well, today!”
(4) I get amused by their “I’m doing well” talk. For the illusion-bound spirit soul, this is what “fine” means to them.