Caksuh Saphalya Sampadi Srimad

Caksuh Saphalya Sampadi Srimad, Lord Krsna

Sanatana Goswami has written this song “Caksuh Saphalya Sampadi Srimad”. The official name of this song is Obeisance 54 Verses 214 to 222. This song is taken from the book Krsna Lila Stava. In this song, Sanatana Goswami describes the glories of Lord Krsna, who enchants everyone.

nānā-mālā-lasad-veśa gopāla-sabha-śobhana
śākhotkīrṇa-śakuntaugha sarva-prāṇi-manohara
gāḍha-rodita-go-vṛnda premotkarṇita-tarṇaka
gīta-stabdha-sarit-pūra cchatrāyita-balāhaka
rāga-pallavita-sthāṇo gītā-namita-pādapa
gopāla-vilasad-veśa gopī-māra-vivardhana
ādrī-kṛta-śilā-kāṣṭha nirjīvojjīvanāva nah

(1) O Krsna, the sight of Your beautiful lotus-face is the perfection of the eyes. Splendidly decorated with many garlands, You appear very beautiful in the midst of the cowherd boys.
(2) O Krsna, the pious flute continuously drinks the nectar of Your lips, and Vrndavana has become glorious because it bears the markings of Your beautiful lotus-feet.
(3) O Lord Krsna, when You play the unprecedented music on Your flute, all living entities become enchanted, the peacocks dance and the branches of the trees become filled with the birds (who pause to listen).
(4) O Krsna, when the astonished deer heard the superexcellent sound of Your flute, they gave up eating grass and become allured. When the demigoddesses heard that sound, they become enchanted.
(5) When the cows hear the sound of Your flute, they cry very intently. Full of love, the calves listen with upturned ears and the birds become inactive and appear just like silent sages.
(6) O Lord Krsna, by hearing the sound of Your flute, the Yamuna river became stunned and stopped flowing. The clouds came overhead and became like an umbrella to shade You from the scorching sunshine, and the aborigine girls became immersed in pure love for You when the touched the kunkuma powder that had fallen on the grass from Your lotus-feet.
(7) O Lord Krsna, Govardhana Hill is worshipped because it is enriched with the devotional activities of Lord Hari’s servants. Abounding with pure love for You, the moving and non-moving living entities of Vraja have become amazed and filled with spiritual bliss.
(8) O Lord Krsna, the non-moving plants of Vraja sprouted forth blossoms as a symptom of their ecstatic love for You, and the trees bowed down to You (as if to offer respects). Appearing as a splendid cowherd boy, You increased the amorous desires of the gopis.
(9) O Lord Krsna, You reversed the natures of the moving and non-moving entities, bringing inanimate objects to life and making inanimate stones and wood moistened with love for You. O Lord, please protect us.