Tumi To Maribe Jare

Tumi To Maribe Jare , Shri Shri Krishna

Bhaktivinoda Thakur has written this song: ”Tumi To Maribe Jare”. The official Name for this song is ”Avasya Raksibe Krsna Visvasa Palana Song 2″. This song is taken from the book Saranagati. Bhaktivinoda Saraswati Thakura says that Shri Shri Krishna is all pervading. He is the maintainer and the annihilator. Nothing moves without the mercy of Shri Krishna. He is known as Bhakta Vatsala as He fulfills all the wishes of the pure devotees and also protects them. Hence pray to Gopal with immense faith.
tumi to’ maribe jare,  ke tare rakhite pare,
iccha-basa tribhuvan
brahma-adi deva-gana,  tava dasa aganana,
kore tava ajsara palan
tava iccha-mate jata,  graha-gana avirata,
subhasubha phala kore dan
roga-soka-mrti-bhoy,  tava iccha-mate hoy,
tava ajsa sada balavan
tava bhoye vayu boy,  candra surya samudoy,
swa-swa niyamita karya kore
tumi to’ parameswar,  para-brahma paratpar,
tava basa bhakata-antare
sada-suddha siddha-kama,  `bhakata-vatsala’ nama,
bhakata-janera nitya-swami
tumi to’ rakhibe jare,  ke tare marite pare,
sakala vidhira vidhi tumi
tomara carane natha!  koriyache pranipata,
bhakativinoda tava das
vipada hoite swami!  avasya tahare tumi,
raksibe,—tahara e visvas
(1) Who can protect that person whom You wish to slay? The three worlds are obedient to Your will. The gods, headed by Brahma, are Your countless servants and stand ready to execute Your command,
(2) By Your will the planets exercise their auspicious or inauspicious influences. Illness, grief, death, and fear occur by Your will. Your command is all-powerful.
(3) In fear of You the wind blows, and the sun, moon, and all others perform their allotted duties. You are the Supreme Lord, the Supreme Spirit, supreme above all. Your residence is in the heart of Your loving devotee.
(4) You are eternally pure. All Your desires are fulfilled. Your name is Bhakta-vatsala, for You are very affectionate to the Vaisnavas. You are the eternal Lord of Your loving devotees. Who can slay that person whom You wish to protect? You are the law of all laws.
(5) O Lord, Your eternal servant Bhaktivinoda has bowed down at Your lotus feet. O master, he cherishes the faith that You will surely protect him from all dangers.