Sri Radha Krsna Pada Kamale Mana

Sri Radha Krsna Pada Kamale Mana ,shree krishna radha

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ” Sri Radha Krsna Pada Kamale Mana”. The Official Name for this song is ” Ucchvasa: Vijnapti Song 4″. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinod Thakura says that we are solely material addicts. He says he wants a spiritual body and want to take birth in Vrindavan to serve Shri Radhey and Shree Krishna. He wants the association and guidance of Gopal’s pure devotee so that he can serve Krsna.

sri-radha-krsna-pada-kamale mana
kemone lobhibe carama sarana
cirodina koriya o-carana as
ache he basiya e adhama das
he radhe, he krsna-candra bhakta-pran
pamare jugala-bhakti koro' dan
bhakti-hina boli' na koro' upeksa
murkha-jane deho' jnana-susiksa
bisaya pipasa-prapidita dase
deho' adhikar jugala-bilase
cancala-jibana-srota pravahiya,
kaler sagare dhay
gelo je dibas,na asibe ar,
ebe krsna ki upay
tumi patita-janer bandhu
jani he tomare natha
tumi to' koruna-jalasindhu
ami bhagya-hina,ati arvacina,
na jani bhakati-lesa
nija-gune natha,koro' atmasat,
ghucaiya bhava-klesa
siddha-deha diya,brndabana-majhe,
sevamrta koro' dana
piyaiya prema,matta kori' more,
suno nija guna-gana
niyukta koro' amay
lalita sakhir,ayogya kinkori,
binoda dhoriche pay
(1) Oh mind, tell me how I can possibly attain ultimate refuge at the lotus feet of Sri Radha-Krsna?
(2) This most fallen servant has been living for a very long time being desirous of those lotus feet.
(3) Oh Radhe, Oh Krsna-candra, the very life of Your devotees! Please give devotion unto Yourselves in charity to this fallen sinner.
(4) Please do not neglect me because I am devoid of devotion. Therefore kindly give Your most auspicious instructions to this fool.
(5) Your servant is very much diseased with the thirst for material sense gratification, so he's asking You to kindly give him the capacity to assist in Your divine conjugal pastimes.
(6) This flickering life is slowly drifting away, flowing onward into the ocean of time. So many days have gone by; more will not come, so now I am wondering what is the means to getYou dear Lord Krsna!
(7) Oh Lord! I know that You are the dear most friend of the fallen souls. Indeed You are a veritable ocean of compassion.
(8) I am most unfortunate, backward and inexperienced, for I do not understand even a tiny fraction of devotion. But by virtue of Your own good qualities, oh Lord, make me Your very own beloved and thus put an end to all of my worldly afflictions.
(9) Giving me a spiritual body within the transcendental realm of Vrndavana, bestow upon me the nectar of Your service. Thus I will become madly intoxicated with pure love by drinking the nectar of such service. Just hear this song about Your own divine qualities.
(10) Please engage me in rendering confidential services within the circle of the divine Rasa-mandala. Thus Bhaktivinoda, the unworthy maidservant of Sri Lalita Sakhi, is catching hold ofYour feet under her guidance.