Vasudeva Stutam Saksad

Vasudeva Stutam Saksad, Vasudev.

Sanatana Goswami has written this song ” Vasudeva Stutam Saksad”. The official name of this song is Obeisance 14 Verses 51 to 54. This song is taken from the book Krsna Lila Stava. In this song, Sanatana Goswami describes the divine glories of Krsna and the pastime when he showed His divine form to Devaki and Vasudev.
vasudeva-stutam saksad
sat-pravistapravistam tvam
vande karana-karanam
jaya bhita-prasu-stuta
laya-karaka kala-srk
mamsa-drg-drsty-ayogya he
(1) O Krsna, You revealed Your transcendental form which is generally very difficult to see, Vasudeva offered reverential prayers glorifying You, the cause of all causes who has simultaneously entered and not entered everything. I offer respectful obeisances unto You.
(2) O perfect Krsna, You are simultaneously the doer and the non-doer of everything, and by Your appearance You made the entire universe peaceful and happy. You mercifully granted liberation to the demons and You increased the pure love of Your devotees. (I offer respectful obeisances unto You.).
(3) O Krsna, O Creator of time, O annihilator of the universe, O lamp of transcendental knowledge, O Lord free from any material attributes or contact, O bliss of the eyes of Devaki, who fearfully offered prayers to You, all glories unto You.
(4) O Krsna, Your splendor makes all the planets appear like a joke, and You rescue from death those who take shelter of Your lotus feet. Because material eyes are not appropriate instruments to see Your transcendental form, You covered that divine form which was formerly shown to Your mother.