Atma Samarpane Gela Abhiman

Atma Samarpane Gela Abhiman ,Hare Govinda

Bhaktivinoda Thakur has written this song ”Atma Samarpane Gela Abhiman”. The official name for this song is “Avasya Raksibe Krsna Visvasa Palana Song 3”. This song is taken from the boook Saranagati. Bhaktivinod Saraswati Thakura says Krishna is the protector of all. As and when there were difficulties on His devotees He protected them. We should take shelter of Gopinath and be fearsome. Just have faith in Madhava and you will be delivered.
atma-samarpane gela abhiman
nahi korobuń nija rakha-vidhan
tuwa dhana jani’ tuhuń rakhobi, nath!
palya godhana jsana kori’ tuwa sath
caraobi madhava! jamuna-tire
baḿsi bajaoto dakobi dhire
agha-baka marato rakha-vidhan
korobi sada tuhuń gokula-kan!
rakha korobi tuhuń niscoy jani
pana korobuń hama jamuna-pani
kaliya-dokha korobi vinasa
sodhobi nadi-jala, ba;daobi asa
piyato davanala rakhobi mo’y
`gopala’, `govinda’ nama tava hoy
sura-pati-durmati-nasa vicari’
rakhobi varsane, giri-vara-dhari!
catur-anana korabo jab cori
rakha korobi mujhe, gokula-hari!
bhakativinoda—tuwa gokula-dhan
rakhobi kesava! korato jatan
(1) Surrendering to You lifted from me the burden of false pride. No longer will I try to secure my own well-being.
(2) O Lord, I am confident of Your protection, for, like one of Your cows or calves, I am Your treasured property.
(3) O Madhava, I see You leading Your herds to pasture on the banks of the Yamuna. You call to them by gently playing Your flute.
(4) By slaying giant demons such as Agha and Baka You will always provide full protection, O Gokula Kana!
(5) Fearless and confident of Your protection, I will drink the water of the Yamuna.
(6) The Kaliya serpent’s venom poisoned the Yamuna’s waters, yet that poison will not act. You will purify the Yamuna and by such heroic deeds enhance our faith.
(7) You who are called Govinda and Gopala will surely protect me by swallowing the forest fire.
(8) When Indra, king of the gods, sends torrents of rain, You will counteract his malice and protect us by lifting the mighty Govardhana Hill!
(9) When the four-headed Brahma steals Your cowherd boyfriends and calves, then, too, You will surely protect me, O Gokula Hari!
(10) Bhakativinoda is now the property of Gokula, Your holy abode, O Kesava, kindly protect him with care.