Bhuliya Tomare

Bhuliya Tomare ,swami bhaktivinoda

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written a song Bhuliya Tomare. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that a baby in his mothers womb prays to Sri Krsna that after coming in this world he will be your great devotee, but as he comes to this world he gets ensnared in maya and he forgets his promise to Shri Krsna. As he grows up he feels that material world is a safe place and all his material achievements are great accomplishments. He day and night thinks about wealth. But now when he approaches death he thinks about Govind Hare. He thinks what will be his fate as he is nearing death.
bhuliya tomare, samsare asiya,
peye nana-vidha byatha
tomara carane, asiyachi ami,
bolibo duhkehera katha
janani jathare, chilama jakhona,
bishama bandhana-pase
eka-bara prabhu! dekha diya more,
vancile e dina dase
takhona bhavinu, janama paiya,
koribo bhajana tava
janama hoilo, padi’ maya-jale,
na hoilo jnana-lava
adarera chele, sva-janera kole,
hasiya katanu kala
janaka janani-snehete bhuliya,
samsara lagilo bhalo
krame dina dina, balaka hoiya,
bhelinu balaka-saha
ara kichu dine, jnana upajilo,
patha podi ahar-ahah
vidyara gaurave, bhrami’ dese dese,
dhana uparjana kori
sva-jana palana, kori eka-mane,
bhulinu tomare, hari!
bardhakye ekhona, bhakativinoda,
kandiya katara ati
na bhajiya tore, dina britha gelo,
ekhona ki have gati?
(1) O Lord, forgetting You and coming to this material world, I have experienced a host of sins and sorrows. Now I approach Your lotus feet and submit my tale of woe.

(2) While I was bound up tightly in the unbearable confines of my mother’s womb, O Lord, You once revealed Yourself before me. After appearing briefly, You abandoned this poor servant of Yours.

(3) At that moment I thought, “After my birth this time, I will surely worship You with undivided attention.” But alas, after taking birth I fell into the entangling network of worldly illusions; thus I possessed not even a drop of true knowledge.

(4) As a dear son fondled in the laps of attentive relatives, I passed my time smiling and laughing. The affection of my father and mother helped me forget You still more, and I began to think that the material world was a very nice place.

(5) Day by day I gradually grew into a young boy and began playing with other boys. Soon my powers of understanding emerged, so I diligently studied my school lessons every day.

(6) Proud of my accomplished education, I later traveled from place to place and earned much wealth. Thereby maintaining my family with undivided attention, I forgot You, O Lord Hari!

(7) Now in old age, this Bhaktivinoda very sadly weeps as death approaches. I failed to worship You, O Lord, and instead passed my days in vain. What will be my fate now?

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