Ore Mana Badibar Asa Keno Koro

Ore Mana Badibar Asa Keno Koro ,bhaktivinoda

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ”Ore Mana Badibar Asa Keno Koro”. The Official Name for this song is Upalabdhi: Upalabdhi: Nirveda-Laksana-Upalabdhi Song 2. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that our mind keeps on wandering. It is never satisfied.It gets greedy more and more. The more you aim for higher material benefits the consequences is the worse. We should have a spiritual goal in life which is attaining the spiritual abode of Hari Govinda.
ore mana, badibar asa keno koro'?
parthiba unnati jata, sese abanati tata,
santa hao mor bakya dharo'
asar iyatta nai, asa-patha sada bhai,
nairasya-kantake ruddha ache
bado' jata asa tata, asa nahi hoy hata,
asa nahi nityanitya bache
ek rajya aj pao, anya rajya ka'l cao,
sarva-rajya koro' jadi labha
tabu asa nahe sesa, indra-pada avasesa,
chadi' ca'be brahmar parabhava
brahmatva chadiya bhai, siva-pada kise pai,
ei cinta ha'be abirata
sivatva labhiya nara, brahma-samya tadantara,
asa kore' sankaranugata
ataeva asa-pasa, jahehoy sarva-nasa,
hrdoy hoite rakho dure
akincana-bhava lo'ye, caitanya-caranasroye,
basa koro' sada santipure
(1) My dear mind, why do you want to increase your ambitions unlimitedly? Don't you know that as much as one gets elevated to the high position of a king, to that same degree he meets his down falling the end? So then calm down, get a grip on yourself and try to catch what I will say to you now.
(2) There is no limit to the increase of material desires. This is how it works: if one obtains a desire, then he gets poked by the thorn of disappointment. By that he is forced to look forward to still another desire, and in this way one keeps on continuously moving on and on from one desire to the next. As much as desires keep on increasing, to that degree there is no cessation, and all such material hopes and aspirations are not stopped even by death, they will still continue increasing even if you keep on changing bodies.
(3) If you get one kingdom today, then tomorrow you will want still another kingdom to increase your domain, and after that you will want to rule the whole world. After getting that, still your desires will not be satisfied, until finally you will be renouncing your post of Lord Indra with high hopes of obtaining the power and influence of Lord Brahma.
(4) If you get the post of Lord Brahma, you will then be constantly plotting how to usurp the post of Lord Siva. If one attains the post of Siva. If one attains the post of Siva, then the only thing lift to be attained is the 'oneness' of merging in the supreme Brahman effulgence. That kind of desire is especially cherished by the impersonalist followers of Sri Sankaracarya.
(5) Therefore, my dear mind, knowing that everything is lost within the endless network of hopes and aspirations, you should keep all such material desires at the maximum distance from your heart. Taking on the mood and behavior of a humble servant under the shelter of Lord Caitanya's lotus feet, you should thus always reside in Vaikuntha, that place which is pervaded with everlasting transcendental peace.