Dekhite Dekhite

Dekhite Dekhite , Radha Radhe

Bhaktivinoda Thakur has written this song ”Dekhite Dekhite”. The official Name for this song is ”Siddhi Lalasa Song 2". This song is taken from the book Gitamala. Bhaktivinoda Thakur talks about the transcendental beauty of the Vraja Dhama which is eternal and full of bliss. If Sri Radhey and Sri Krishna casts their special mercy on Bhaktivinoda Thakura then he can also be part of Their nectarine pastimes. He wants to get rid away from this material body and take a transcendental body. He wants to take rebirth in Shri Radhey’s home town and wants to have a bhav of gopi. He wants to glorify each and every pastimes of Sri Radha and Gopala.

dekhite dekhite,  bhulibo va kabe,
nayane heribo,  braja-pura-sobha,
nitya cid-ananda-moya
brsabhanu-pure,  janama loibo,
yavate vivaha ha’be
braja-gopi-bhava,  hoibe swabhava,
ano-bhava na rohibe
nija-siddha-deha,  nija-siddha-nama,
radha-krpa-bale,  lobhibo va kabe,
jamuna-salila-  aharane giya,
bujhibo yugala-rasa
prema-mugdha ho’ye,  pagalini-praya,
gaibo radhara yasa
(1) When will I be able to leave this plane of my gross bodily identity far behind? Within a split second, I will completely forget about all these false external affairs and behold the exquisite beauty of the transcendental realm of Vraja, which is completely paraded with eternal, conscious bliss.
(2) I shall then take birth in Barsana, the town of King Vrsabhanu, and I will be married nearby in the town of Yavata. My sole disposition and character shall be that of a simple cowherd girl, and I shall not know any other mood.
(3) I shall obtain my own eternal spiritual body, transcendental name, and specific type of beauty and dress for the pleasure of Krsna. And when, by the power of Sri Radha's causeless mercy, will I be allowed entrance into the pastimes of divine love of Krsna?
(4) As I go with a water pot on my head to draw water from the Yamuna river, I shall cherish remembrance of the mellows of conjugal love that unite Sri Radha with Krsna. Thus being enchanted by Their divine love, I will madly sing the glories of Sri Radha just like a raving lunatic.