Arthera Sancaye

Arthera Sancaye ,Hare Govinda

Bhaktivinoda Thakur has written a song “Arthera Sancay”. The official Name for this song is “Bhajana Lalasa Song 2”. This song is taken from the book Saranagati. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that we should stay away from covetous and deceitful people and have faith in the name of Lord Krishna. Continuous association with them will deviate us from spiritual progress and our life as human birth will be wasted.

hari he!
arthera sañcaye,  viṣaya-prayāse,
āno-adhikāra,  niyama āgrahe,

asthira siddhānte,  rohinu mojiyā,
hari-bhakti roilo dūre
e hṛdoye mātro,  para-hiḿsā, mada,
pratiṣṭhā, śaṭhatā sphure

e saba āgraha,  chāḍite nārinu,
āpana doṣate mari
janama biphala,  hoilo āmāra,
ekhona ki kori, hari!

āmi to’ patita,  patita-pāvana,
tomāra pavitra nāma
se sambandha dhori’,  tomāra caraṇe,
śaraṇa loinu hāma

(1)-(2) O Lord Hari, I have become absorbed in accumulating wealth and endeavoring for material possessions. I am addicted to speaking of topics apart from You and am always eager to accept practices apart from my own duties. I am in the habit of meeting with worldly men and am absorbed in speculative thinking. Therefore, devotion to You has remained distant from me. In this heart of mine dwells only envy and malice towards others false pride, hypocrisy, deceitfulness, and the desire for fame and honor.
(3) I have not been able to give up any of these attachments. Thus my own faults have been my down fall. My birth as a human being has been wasted. O Lord Hari, what am I to do now?
(4) I am indeed fallen; but Your holy name is the savior of the fallen. Clinging to that holy name, I have taken shelter at Your lotus feet.