Hoye Visaye Avesa

Bhaktivinoda, Baul Sangit, Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Bhaktivinoda Thakur has written this song ”Hoye Visaye Avesa”. The Official Name of this song is Baul Sangit Song 12. This song is taken from the book Baul Sangit. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that our mind is contaminated with material anxieties and the consequences of this is pain, sorrow and sufferings. There are many materialistic people who will mislead us hence do not associate with them. If one wants deliverance from this world then associate with the devotees of Lord Krishna.

ho’ye viṣaye āveśa, pe’le, mana, jātanā aśeṣa
chāḍi’ rādhā-śyāme braja-dhāme,
bhugcho hethā nānā-kleśa

māyā-devīr kārāgāre, nijer karma-anusāre,
bhūter vegāra khāṭ-te khāṭ-te jīvana korcho śeṣa;
kori’ `āmi-āmār’, dehe ābār, korcho jaḍa rāga-dveṣa

tumi śuddha cidānanda, kṛṣṇa-sevā tā’r ānanda,
pañca-bhūter hāte poḍe’ hāy, ācho ekaṭī meṣa;
ekhona sādhu-sańge, cit-prasańge,
tomār upāya avaśeṣa

kanaka-kāminī-sańga, chāḍi’ o bhāi miche rańga,
grahaṇa koro bāul cāńder śuddha upadeśa
tyaji’ lukocuri, bāul-giri, śuddha-rase koro praveśa

1) My dear mind, you have brought unending trouble upon yourself under the sway of material sense gratification. Leaving the company of Radha-Syama in Vraja-dhama, you have come to this material world and suffered a host of painful miseries.
2) Trapped within the prison-house of Maya-Devi, and tossed helplessly according to the urges of your past karma, your life has come to an end after slaving and slaving away at very difficult and mundane labor. Absorbed in the material body, thinking in terms of “I” and “mine,” you experience only attraction and repulsion for dull material things.
3) You are actually composed of spiritually conscious bliss, whose only happiness is found in Krsna-seva. Alas, you have fallen into the hands of the five material elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether), and have thus become just like an ignorant sheep who is helpless within their firm grip. But now your ultimate means of deliverance is to be found in the company of sadhus, discussing topics of the eternally conscious nature.
4) The association of materialistic women, as well as endeavors for accumulating wealth for the purpose of sense gratification O my dear brother! Give up such insignificant play! Please accept the pure advice of Chand Baul: Rejecting all deceptive tendencies that are associated with the sects of impure Bauls, just enter the flow of pure, spiritual mellows of devotion.