Tumi Jagater Pita Tumi Jagater Mata

Bhaktivinoda Thakura, God Shri Krsna, Tumi Jagater Pita Tumi Jagater Mata

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Tumi Jagater Pita Tumi Jagater Mata”The official name of this song is Yamuna Bhavavali Song 26. This song is taken from the book Gitamala. Bhaktivinoda Thakura describes in this song the relationship of a devotee (faithful servant) and Shri Krsna. There is no ego of I and mine in this relationship.
hari he
tumi jagatera pita tumi jagatera mata
doyita tanoya hari tumi
tumi suhrn mitra guru tumi gati kalpa-taru
twadiya-sambandha-matra ami
taba bhrtya parijana gati-prarthi akincana
prapanna tomara sri-carane
taba sattwa taba dhana tomara palita jana
amara mamata taba jane
e bhaktibinoda koya ahanta-mamata noya
sebara sambandha dhori' ahanta-mamata kori'
tad-itare prakrta bidhane
(1) Oh my Lord Hari! You are the Father of the universe; You are the Mother of the universe, as well as the Lover and son of all beings. You are the most dearly beloved friend of the heart, the spiritual master of all, the ultimate refuge and the divine purpose-tree that fulfills everyone's desires…
(2) …But my relationship with You is simply that of Your insignificant menial servant, Your humble attendant, always praying for Your shelter, surrendered at Your divine lotus feet. I am simply Your plaything, Your property, Your protected servant; my only identification is my personal attachment to being Your devotee.
(3) Bhaktivinoda says that there is no relationship of "I and mine" other than this true conception of being related to Krsna as His eternal servant. Maintaining this position of eternal service, he thus accepts the real principle of "I and mine" which is the natural, unchangeable relationship with Krsna and all His devotees. Anything besides that would just be material and temporary.