Kabe Aha Gauranga Boliya

Kabe Aha Gauranga Boliya, maha prabhu

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ” Kabe Aha Gauranga Boliya”. The Official Name for this song is ” Ucchvasa: Prarthana Lalasmayi Song 12". This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that by the association of a Vaishnava we get the mercy of Shree Krishna. We should deviate from the path of sense gratification and take the names of Maha prabhu who has come to this world to deliver all the sinful people.

kabe aha gauranga boliya
bhojane-sayane,deher jatana,
chadibo birakta hana
nabadvipa dhame,nagare nagare,
abhiman parihari'
dhamabasi-ghare,madhukari lobo'
khaibo udar bhari'
nadi-tate giya,anjali anjali,
pibo prabhu-pada-jala
taru-tale podi'alasya tyajibo,
paibo sarire bala
kakuti koriya,'gaura-gadadhara',
kandiya kandiya,daki ucca-rabe
bhramibo sakala dhama
baisnaba dekhiya,padibo carane,
hrdayer bandhu jani'
baisnaba thakura,'prabhur kirtana'
dekhaibe das mani'
(1) Alas… what sorrow I am expressing! When will I ever take the name of Gauranga and become disgusted with sense gratification, giving up all bodily endeavors for eating and sleeping?
(2) And when will ever wander from village to village in Sri Navadvipa-dhama, completely giving up my false ego? I will beg madhukari from the homes of dhama-basis, and thus I will fill my belly.
(3) Sometimes I will wander to the bank of the Ganga, and if I feel thirsty, then I will drink that sacred water that has washed the lotus feet of the Lord, palmful by palmful. If I fell tired, I will simply fall down under the nearest tree. When I feel enough strength, i will give up my idleness and continue wandering here and there.
(4) In a mood of humble solicitation I will call out loudly the names of "Gaura-Gadadhara" and 'Sri-Radha-Madhava', and thus weeping and weeping I will wander throughout the entiredhama.
(5) Seeing a Vaisnava devotee, I will fall at his lotus feet, knowing him to be the only true friend of my heart. Accepting me as his servant, the most revered devotee will then reveal to me the most confidential kirtana used for worshiping the Lord.