Jive Krpa Kori Goloker Hari

Jive Krpa Kori Goloker Hari , Sri Krishna

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written a song ”Jive Krpa Kori Goloker Hari” and the Official Name for this song is ” Ucchvasa: Ucchvasa Kirtana Lila Kirtana Song 1″. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura talks about the importance of Vraja and its importance. Shree Krsna performs innumerable pastimes in Vrindavan to please his devotees. His pastimes are so pleasing that it heals an ailing heart. His pastimes are uncomparable. Govinda has 64 transcendental qualities which nobody can possess. Thus, He is unique and the master of all.

jibe krpa kori’,goloker hari,
braja-bhava prakasilo
se bhava-rasajna,brndabana-jogya,
jada-buddhi na hoilo

krsna-lila-samudra apar
baikuntha-bihar,samana ihar,
kabhu nahe ja’na sar

krsna akar nar,sarva-rasadhar,
srngarer bisesatah
baikuntha-sadhaka,sakhye aparaka,
madhure na hoy rata

braje krsna-dhana,nabina-madana,
aprakrta rasamoy
jiber sahita,nitya-lilocita,
krsna-guna-gana hoy

(1) Showing His causeless mercy to the fallen souls, the Lord of Goloka has revealed the moods and sentiments of Vraja. He who is the knower of the mellows of such loving exchanges ofVraja is fit to enter Vrndavana, as long as he does not maintain materialistic misconceptions.
(2) The pastimes of Krsna are like an unfathomable ocean. All of the activities in Vaikuntha can never be compared to the sweet essence of Krsna’s pastimes in Goloka.
(3) Krsna’s pastimes in the form of a two-armed human being are the reservoir of all transcendental mellows — especially the conjugal mellow. The devotee who is following the rules and regulations of Vaikuntha develops only up to the mellow of fraternity, and is in comparison completely unable to taste any such sweetness as is found in the conjugal relationship.
(4) Krsna in Vraja is just like an ever-fresh youthful Cupid, abounding in all transcendental ecstatic mellows. He always performs suitable pastimes with the different jiva souls. Thus some of the multitude of Krsna’s virtuous qualities is mentioned.