Mana Tumi Barai Cancala

Mana Tumi Barai Cancala ,bhaktivinoda thakur

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Mana Tumi Barai Cancalaā€¯. The Official Name for this song is Upadesa: Song 16. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that there are lot of Guru’s all over the world. For some of them being a Guru is a money making business. Hence identifying a true spiritual master and true devotees is very important. By being in the company of true devotees and abandoning the cheaters we can attain Krishna prema.
mana, tumi barai cancala
ekanta sarala bhakta-jane naha anurakta,
dhurta-jane asakti prabala
bujrugi jane jei,taba sadhu-jana sei,
ta'r sanga tomare nacay
krura-besa dekho ja'rsraddhaspada se tomar,
bhakti kori paro ta'r pay
bhakta-sanga hoy janra,bhakti-phal phale ta'r,
akaitave santa-bhava dharo
cancalata chari mana,bhajo krsna-sri-carana,
dhurta-sanga dure parihara'
(1) Oh, my dear mind, you are certainly most restless and flickering. You are not attracted by unalloyed devotees of the Lord who are free from crooked complications, but instead you remain strongly attached to the company of sly, hypocritical cheaters.
(2) Those strange, deviant imposters are considered by you to be sadhus, and you are dancing merrily in their company. And those who have a cruel and hard-hearted nature are your most worshipable objects of reverence. In great devotion you fall down at the feet of such rascals.
(3) The real result of devotion fructifies for one who keeps the company of the true devotees of the Lord in a peaceful mood devoid of cheating propensities. My dear mind, giving up your unsteady flickering nature and abandoning the association of sly deceitful cheaters in a far distant place, just worship the beautiful lotus feet of Krsna.