Nivedana Kori Prabhu Tomar Carane

Nivedana Kori Prabhu Tomar Carane , Krishna the lord

Bhaktivinoda Thakur has written this song ”Nivedana Kori Prabhu Tomar Carane”. The official name for this song is ”Atma Nivedana Song 7″. This song is taken from the book Saranagati. Bhaktivinoda Saraswati Thakur says that we should surrender at the lotus feet of Shri Krishna because we all are offenders and have committed sins. Except Madhava no one can protect us from the material clutches of birth and death.
nivedana kori prabhu! tomara carane
patita adhama ami, jane tri-bhuvane
ama-sama papi nahi jagat-bhitore
mama sama aparadhi nahiko saḿsare
sei saba papa ara aparadha, ami
parihare pai lajja, saba jano’ tumi
tumi bina ka’ra ami loibo saran?
tumi sarvesvaresvara, brajendra-nandan!
jagat tomara natha! tumi sarva-moy
toma prati aparadha tumi koro’ ksoy
tumi to’ skhalita-pada janera asroy
tumi bina ara kiba ache, doya-moy!
sei-rupa tava aparadhi jana jata
tomara saranagata hoibe satata
bhakativinoda ebe loiya saran
tuwa pade kore aj atma-samarpan
(1) I submit at Your lotus feet, O Lord, that I am fallen and wretched, a fact known to the three worlds.
(2) There is no sinner more sinful than me. In the entire material creation there is no offender whose offenses equal mine.
(3) By attempting to clear myself of all these sins and offenses I am put to shame and beg Your forgiveness. All this is understood by You.
(4) Of whom will I take shelter except for You? O son of the King of Vraja, You are the Lord of all lords.
(5) This world is Yours, and You pervade all things in it. You forgive the offenses committed against You.
(6) You alone are the shelter of those who have gone astray. Apart from You, what else exists, O merciful Lord?
(7) Those like me who have offended You will know no peace until achieving Your shelter.
(8) Bhaktivinoda takes shelter in You and surrenders himself at Your lotus feet on this very day.