Bastutoh Sakali Tava

Bastutoh Sakali Tava ,Sri Krishna Chaitanya

Bhaktivinoda Thakur has written this song ”Bastutoh Sakali Tava”. The official Name for this song is ”Atma Nivedana Song 6″. This song is is taken from the book Saranagati. Bhaktivinoda Saraswati Thakura says that we should pray to Shri Hari to give us the understanding of human life. We are not the owners of this body. The true owner is Shri Krishna. Everything happens by the mercy of god. Instead of wasting our time in worldly affairs we should devote that time in preaching Krishna consciousness and doing Krsna Kirtan. We should pray to Nitya nanda for for forgiveness for our sins.
bastutah sakali tava, jiva keho noy
`aham’-`mama’-bhrame bhromi’ bhoge soka-bhoy
aham-mama-abhimana ei-matro dhan
baddha-jiva nija boli’ jane mane man
sei abhimane ami samsare podiya
habudubu khai bhava-sindhu sańtariya
tomara abhoya-pade loiya saran
aji ami korilama atma-nivedan
`aham’-`mama’-abhimana chadilo amay
ar jeno mama hrde stana nahi pay
ei matro bala prabhu! dibe he amare
ahamta-mamata dure pari rakhibare
atma-nivedana-bhava hrde drdha roy
hasti-snana sama jeno khanika na hoy
bhakativinoda prabhu nityananda pay
mage parasada, jahe abhimana jay
(1) In truth, all things belong to You. No jiva is owner of anything. The tiny soul wanders in this world mistakenly thinking, “I am this transitory body, and everything related to this body is mine.” Thus he suffers sorrow and fear.
(2) The conditioned soul is falsely proud and considers everything attached to the words “I” and “mine” to be his treasures alone.
(3) Due to that same vanity, I fell into this world. Floundering in the ocean of mundane existence like a drowning man, I suffer the pangs of rising and sinking in that ocean.
(4) I take shelter at Your lotus feet, which award fearlessness, and dedicate myself to You on this day.
(5) The vanity of “I” and “mine” has left me now. May it never again find a place within my heart.
(6) O Lord, please give me this strength, that I may be able to keep the false conceptions of “I” and “Mine” far away.
(7) May the mood of self-surrender to the Supreme Lord remain firmly fixed in my heart and not prove to be like the momentary cleanliness of an elephant after a bath.
(8) Bhaktivinoda begs at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda for the grace which delivers one from all false pride.