Suno Mor Duhkher Kahini

Suno Mor Duhkher Kahini ,The Hare Krishna

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ”Suno Mor Duhkher Kahini”. The official Name for this song is ”Dainya Song 5″. This song is taken from the book Sarangati. Bhaktivinod Saraswati Thakura says that devotion should be started at a very tender age so that we have the energy and the right frame of mind to chant the names of Govind Hare.
(prabhu he!) suno mor duhkher kahini
visaya-halahala,  sudha-bhane piyaluń,
ab avasana dinamani
khela-rase saisava,  podhaite kaisora,
gowaoluń, na bhelo vivek
bhoga-base yauvane,  ghara pati’ bosiluń,
suta-mita badhalo anek
vrddha-kala aolo,  saba sukha bhagalo,
pida-base hoinu katar
sarvendriya durbala,  ksina kalevara,
bhogabhave duhkhita antar
jsana-lava-hina,  bhakti-rase vaschita,
ara mora ki habe upay
patita-bandhu, tuhuń,  patitadhama hama,
krpaya uthao tava pay
vicarite abahi,  guna nahi paobi,
krpa koro, chodato vicar
tava pada-pańkaja-  sidhu pibaoto,
bhakativinoda karo par
(1) Hear, O Lord, my story of sadness. I drank the deadly poison of worldliness, pretending it was nectar, and now the sun is setting on the horizon of my life.
(2) I spent my childhood in play, my youth in academic pursuit, and in me there was no sense of right or wrong. In young manhood I set up a household and settled down to the spell of material enjoyment. Children and friends quickly multiplied.
(3) Soon old age arrived, and all happiness departed. Subjected to disease, troubled and weak, all my senses are feeble now, my body racked and exhausted, and my spirits downcast in the absence of youthful pleasures.
(4) Devoid of even a particle of devotion, lacking any enlightenment — what help is there for me now? Only You, O Lord, friend of the fallen. I am certainly fallen, the lowest of men. Please, therefore lift me to Your lotus feet.
(5) Were You to judge me now, You would find no good qualities. Have mercy and judge me not. Cause me to drink the honey of Your lotus feet and thereby deliver this Bhaktivinoda.