Kabe Gaura Vane


Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Kabe Gaura Vane”The official Name for this song is Siddhi Lalasa (Wandering madly in Navadvipa). This song is taken from the book Gitamala (Section: Siddhi Lalasa Song 1). Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that we should live a simple life and beg for the holy names of Sri Krishna. He has talked about the importance of Navadvipa Dham which is non different from Vrindavan. One should associate with Vaishnava to progress in spiritual activity.

kabe gaura-vane, suradhuni-tate,
‘ha radhe ha krsna’ bole’
kandiya beda’bo, deho-sukha chadi’,
nana lata-taru-tale
swa-paca-grhete, magiya khaibo,
pibo saraswati-jala
puline puline, gada-gadi dibo,
kori’ krsna-kolahala
dhama-basi jane, pranati koriya,
magibo krpara lesa
vaisnava-carana- renu gaya makhi’,
dhori’ avadhuta-vesa
gauda-braja-jane, bheda na dekhibo,
hoibo baraja-basi
dhamera swarupa, sphuribe nayane,
hoibo radhara dasi
1) When, oh when will I wander here and there, weeping under the shade of the trees and creepers along the banks of the celestial Ganges River in Navadvipa? I will cry out "Oh Radhe! Oh Krsna!", and I will completely forget about all the so-called pleasures of this material body.
2) When will I be able to live so simply by begging some food from the homes of the untouchables who live here and there? I will drink the water of the Sarasvati, and in ecstasy I will roll to and fro on the banks of the river, raising a loud uproar of "Krsna! Krsna!"
3) When will I bow down to all the inhabitants of the holy land of Navadvipa and receive a bit of their causeless mercy? I will smear the dust of the Vaisnavas' lotus feet all over my body, and I will wear the dress of a mad wandering mendicant.
4) When I factually observe that the transcendental land of Navadvipa is non different from Sri Vraja-bhumi, then I shall be transformed into a Vrajabasi also. Then I will see the true form of the transcendental realm opening up before my very eyes, and I will thus become one of the maidservants of Srimati Radharani.

Kabe Gaura Vane – Sung by HG Achyutananda Prabhu
Kabe Gaura Vane – Sung by HG Jai Sachinanadana Prabhu
Kabe Gaura Vane – Sung by HG Sivarama Prabhu