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Svapne Sakhi Punar Adya Mukundam

Svapne Sakhi Punar Adya Mukundam
Rupa Goswami has written this song “Svapne Sakhi Punar Adya Mukundam”. The official name of this song is Volume 6 Song 15. This song is taken from the book Stavamala. In this song, Rupa Goswami describes a dream, when Lord Krsna returned to Gokula and filled everyone with immense happiness.
svapne sakhi punar adya mukundam
alokayam avatamsita-kundam
raja-purad gokulam upayatam
Refrain: Friend, in a dream last night I saw Mukunda decorated with a garland of jasmine flowers.
1) He had returned to Gokula from the king's city. He made His mother and father mad with happiness.
2) He inspired a tumultuous festival. His glance brought Me great happiness.
3) He was very handsome with a fresh gunja necklace. He was filled with love for His eternal friends.