Tomare Bhuliya

Tomare Bhuliya ,Hari Govinda

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ”Tomare Bhuliya”. The official Name for this song is “Bhajana Lalasa Song 8”. This song is taken from the book Saranagati. Bhaktivinod Saraswati Thakura says that maya is very strong and one can easily get influenced by it. We are so used to this material sufferings that we find solace in it. Krishna’s name has medicinal properties that it will cure all the spiritual disease. We are so unfortunate that we don’t value the holy names. If we sing the names of Madhusudan then we will get free from the offences committed against the holy names.
hari he!
tomare bhuliya,  avidya-pidaya,
pidita rasana mora
krsna-nama-sudha,  bhalo nahi lage,
visaya-sukhate bhora
prati-dina jadi,  adara koriya,
se nama kirtana kori
sitapala jeno,  nasi’ roga-mula,
krame swadu hoya, hari!
durdaiva amara,  se name adara,
na hoilo, doyamoya!
dasa aparadha,  amara durdaiva,
kemone hoibe ksoya
anudina jeno,  tava nama gai,
kramete krpaya tava
aparadha ja’be,  name ruci ha’be,
aswadibo namasava
(1) O Lord Hari, because I forgot You my tongue has become afflicted with the disease of ignorance. I cannot relish the nectar of Your holy name, for I have become addicted to the taste of worldly pleasures.
(2) O Lord Hari, if I sing Your holy name aloud every day with great respect, then as sugar candy taken medicinally destroys the very disease which makes it taste bitter (jaundice), so Your holy name will cure my spiritual disease and allow me to gradually taste His sweetness.
(3) O merciful Lord, how great is my misfortune that I feel no appreciation for Your holy name! In such a lamentable state, how will I be freed from committing the ten offenses to the holy name?
(4) If I sing Your holy name every day, by Your mercy the ten offenses will gradually disappear. A taste for Your holy name will grow within me, and then I will taste the intoxicating spirit of the name.