Ami Tomar Duhkher Duhkhi


Ami Tomar Duhkher Duhkhi

Bhaktivinoda Thakur
has written this song “Ami Tomar Duhkher Duhkhi”. The official Name for this song is Baul Sangit Song 1”. This song is taken from the book Baul Sangit. Bhaktivinod Thakur says that he has borrowed the names of Krishna from Nityananda’s market place as it is found in abundant. Hare Krishna Mantra is very relishing to the tongue. By taking the names of Shri Krsna one can get freed from the sins and material miseries. Bhaktivinoda Thakura is himself poor and is under debt. He will repay his debt by paying the price of faith to Sri Nitai. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is infallible and one should understand this fact.

āmi tomār duḥkher duḥkhī sukher sukhī, tāi tomāre boli bhāi re
nitāi-er hāṭe giye (ore o bhāi) nām enechi tomār tore

gaura-candra-mārkā korā, e hari-nām rase bhorā ,
nāme nāmī paḍche dhorā, lao yadi vadana bhore’

pāpa tāpa saba dūre jā’be, sāra-moy saḿsāra ha’be,
ār kono bhoy nāhi rabe, ḍubbe sukher pāthāre

āmi kāńgāl artha-hīna, nām enechi kore’ ṛṇa,
dekhe āmāya ati dīna, śraddhā-mūlye deo dhore’

mūlya lo’ye tomār ṭhāi, mahā-janake dibo, bhāi,
je kichu tāy lābha pāi, rākhbo nijer bhāṇḍāre

nadīyā-godrume thāki, cāńda-bāul boliche ḍāki’,
nām vinā ār sakala phāńki, chāyābājī e saḿsāre”


1) I am your ever well-wisher — I become sad when you are sad, and I beecome happy when you are happy. This I sincerely proclaim to you, dear brothers! Having gone shopping at Lord Nityananda’s Marketplace, O brothers, I have brought back the holy names of the Lord just for your benefit.

2) Being marked with the symbol of Lord Gaura-candra, this Hari-nama is succulent with divine mellows. If you would please take the holy name and always fill your mouths with it, then you shall realize that the name fully contains the Lord who is named.

3) By chanting the holy name all your sinful reactions and material miseries will be cast far away. This world will become full of wonderful meaning for you, there will be no more fear, and you will be immersed in the ocean of pure joy.

4) I myself am now quite wretched and indeed destitute, for by arranging to bring the Lord’s holy name here I have fallen into great debt. Seeing me as a soul stricken with extreme poverty, please hand over to me the price of your faith.

5) Taking your payment, O brothers, I will pass it along to the Mahajana (the proprietor, Lord Nityananda). Whatever small commission I may earn by conducting this transaction will be kept in my own storeroom.

6) Living on the island of Godruma in the district of Nadiya, this person named Chand Baul shouts and exclaims, “Other than the holy name of the Lord, all else in this world is simply false, like the illusions of a shadow-theater!”