Ami Aparadhi Jana

Hare Krishna Mantra, Ami Aparadhi Jana

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song“Ami Aparadhi Jana”. The official name of this song is Yamuna Bhavavali Song 17. This song is taken from the book Gitamala. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that we all are offenders of Sri Krishna and have committed sins staying in this material world. There is no shelter and guidance in this afflicted place. Whoever takes shelter of Govinda Hare’s is always protected by Him.

hari he
āmi aparādhī jana sadā daṇḍya durlakhaṇa
sahasra sahasra doṣe doṣī
bhīma-bhabārṇabodare patita biṣama ghore
gati-hīna gati-abhilāṣī

hari taba pada-dwoye śaraṇe loinu bhoye
kṛpā kori’ koro ātma-sāṭha
tomāra pratijñā ei śaraṇa loibe jei
tumi tā’ra rakhā-kartā nātha

pratijñāte kori’ bhara o madhaba prāṇeśwara
śaraṇa loilo ei dāsa
e bhaktibinoda gāya  tomāra se rāńgā-pāya
deho dāse sebāya bilāsa


1) Oh my Lord Hari! I have been a great offender to You, and thus I am just quite fit to receive punishment for all of my misdeeds. I am sinister and ill-fated, and I am guilty of committing thousands upon thousands of sins. I have somehow fallen into the very belly of the terribly deep, dark, fearsome and horrible ocean of material existence, and I have no shelter at all in this hellish place. Therefore I am greatly desirous of finding some way to get salvation from this dreadful predicament.

2) Hari! Thus I have taken refuge at Your two lotus feet out of intense fear, Please be kind to me and make me Your own property. Your promise is that for whoever takes full shelter of You, then You will become his protector and maintainer, Oh Lord.

3) Completely relaying on Your promise, this servant has now taken full shelter of You as his last hope, oh Madhava! Oh Lord of my life! Bhaktivinoda sings this prayer to You now just to be eternally fixed up in the service of Your two reddish lotus feet.