Ore Mana Bhukti Mukti Sprha Koro Dura

Ore Mana Bhukti Mukti Sprha Koro Dura ,bhaktivinoda thakur

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ” Ore Mana Bhukti Mukti Sprha Koro Dura”. The Official Name for this song is Upalabdhi: Nirveda-Laksana-Upalabdhi Song 3. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says we are very engrossed in material world. We get so caught up with maya that we are ready to suffer thinking that we are enjoying. This enjoying is suffering. What is the use of liberation where you do not get a chance to serve Shree Krishna Govinda. We should stay far from material desires and liberation.
ore mana, bhukti mukti-sprha koro' dura
bhoger nahiko sesa, tahe nahi sukha-lesa,
nirananda tahate pracura
indriya-tarpana bai, bhoge ar sukha kai,
seo sukha abhava-purana
je sukhete ache bhoy, ta'ke sukha bola noy,
te'ke duhkha bole' bijna-jana
phal-sruti jata, sei lobhe koto sata,
mudha-jana bhoga prati dhay
se-saba kaitaba jani', chadiya baisnaba-jnani,
mukhya-phal krsna-rati pay
mukti-banca dusta ati, nasta kore 'sista-mati,
mukti-sprha kaitaba-pradhana
taha je chadite nare, maya nahi chade ta're,
ta'r jatna nahe phalavan
ataeva sprha-dvoy, chadi sodha e hrdoy,
nahi rakho kamer basana
bhoga-moksa nahi cai, sri-krsna-carana pai,
binoder ei to' sadhana
(1) Oh my dear mind, cast out all your desires for material enjoyment and liberation. There is no end to endeavors for so-called material pleasure, although there is not one iota of real happiness in it; rather, it abounds in exactly the opposite of happiness, simply profuse misery.
(2) Other than merely tingling the senses only, tell me where the actual pleasure is; in enjoying so many sense objects? This type of so-called pleasure is full of deficiency and cannot come up to the mark even to be called "pleasure". Indeed, those who are truly wise will never call that pleasure; they tell it like it is and call such cheap sense gratification by its real name: "suffering". And they even fear that kind of suffering.
(3) Countless persons who are foolish like asses run madly after the material enjoyments which are recommended in the karma-khanda section of the scriptures, becoming intensely greedy to enjoy their material senses. ;But the wise Vaisnava, knowing all this to be a cheating process only, thereby rejects such deficient sense gratification and receives genuine love and attachment to Lord Krsna, which is the real essence and principle fruit of all the scriptures.
(4) The desire fro emancipation from the material world to merge with God is yet another wicked desire, for such a desire corrupts the righteous mentality of steadfast devotion to God. The hard labor of one who tries for this type of impersonal liberation is a fruitless burden, and is the last snare of maya. The trick is that he is unable to give up his endeavor, and maya'sillusion does not give him up either.
(5) Therefore, my dear mind, just reject these desires for bhukti and mukti and cleanse this heart; don't keep these lusty desires there. Bhaktivinoda does not want material enjoyment or liberation at all but instead practices proper devotional service to obtain the lotus feet of Sri Krsna; that's all.