Kabe Mor Mudha Mana Chadi Anya Dhyana

Kabe Mor Mudha Mana Chadi Anya Dhyana ,sri krishna and radha

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ” Kabe Mor Mudha Mana Chadi Anya Dhyana”. ”Ucchvasa: Prarthana Lalasmayi Song 5″. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura talks about Vrindavana Dham and each pastimes of Sri Krishna with the gopas and gopi’s. Each pastimes of Sri Krishna Govinda is sweet and melodious and should be relished by all.
kabe mor mudha mana chadi anya dhyana
sri-krsna-carane pabe bisramer sthana
kabe ami janibo apane akincana
amar apeksa ksudra nahi anya jana
kabe ami acandale koribo pranati
krsna-bhakti magi laba koriya minati
sarva-jibe doya mor kotadine habe
jiber durgati dekhi lotaka padipe
kandite kandite ami jabo brndabana
brajadhame baisnaber loibo sarana
brajabasi-sannidhane judi dui kar
jijnasibo lila-sthana hoiya katar
ohe brajabasi! more anugraha kori
dekhao kothay lila korilena hari
tabe kon braja-jana sakrpa-antare
amare jabena loye bipina-bhitore
bolibena, dekho ei kadamba-kanana
jatha rasalila koila brajendranandana
ai dekho nandagrama nander avasa
ai dekho baladeva jatha koilo rasa
ai dekho jatha hoilo dukula-harana
ai sthane bakasura hoilo nidhana
eirupe braja-jana-saha brndabane
dekhibo lilar sthana satrsna-nayane
kabhu ba jamuna tire suni' bamsi-dhvani
abasa hoiya labha koribo dharani
krpamoy braja-jana 'krsna krsna' boli'
pana koraibe jal puriya anjali
harinama sune punah paiya cetana
braja-jana-saha ami koribo bhramana
kabe heno subhadina hoibe amar
madhukori kori' bedaibo dvar dvar
jamuna-salila pibo anjali bhariya
devadvare ratri-kale rohibo suiya
jakhan asibe kala e bhautika pura
jalajantu-mahotsava hoibe pracura
siddha dehe nija-kunje sakhira carane
nityakala thakiya sevibo krsna-dhane
ei se praithana kore' e pamara char
sri jahnava more doyakoro' eibar
(1) When, oh when will my foolish ass-like mind finally attain a place to rest at the lotus feet of Lord Krsna, rejecting all other meditation?
(2) When will I finally understand my own worthlessness? Actually there is not other soul who is lower than me.
(3) When will I offer my respectful obeisances unto all the untouchables? Submitting prayers unto them I will humbly beg for a drop of devotion to Lord Krsna.
(4) And when will I finally exhibit real compassion to all living entities? Seeing the degradation of the conditioned souls I will fall to the ground weeping.
(5) Weeping and weeping, I will sadly go to Sri Vrndavana, and I will take shelter of a Vaisnava in that abode of Vraja.
(6) Standing before a resident of Vraja I will grasp both of his hands and will question him intensively about all the holy places of the Lord's pastimes there.
(7) I will say: "Oh resident of Vraja! Please exhibit your favor to me and kindly show me where all the pastimes of Hari had taken place."
8) Then, with a gracious heart, some resident of the dhama will personally take me within the depths of the forest.
(9) He will say: "Just look there! That is the kadamba grove in which the delightful Son of Maharaja Nanda sported the rasa dance."
(10) "Look! Here is Nanda-grama, which is the residence of Nanda Maharaja. Look! Here is where Lord Balarama sported His own rasa dance."
(11) "Look! Here is where Lord Krsna stole the clothes of all the gopis as they bathed. And just see this place! It is where the demon Bakasura met his fate."
(12) In this fashion I will behold all of the places of pastimes in Vrndavana with my intensely thirsty eyes in the company of the residents of Vraja.
(13) I ever I hear the vibration of a flute upon the banks of the Yamuna river, then becoming ecstatically overwhelmed I will fall senseless upon the earth.
(14) Chanting the holy names, "Krsna, Krsna" into my ears, then the all merciful residents of Vraja will take a palmful of Yamuna water and make me drink.
(15) By hearing the holy names being vibrated and again becoming conscious, I will then continue wandering about in the company of the Brijbasis.
(16) When, oh when will such auspicious days be mine? Begging like a bee (madhukori) I will wander from door to door.
(17) I will drink a little water from the Yamuna, filling my palm. And at night I will go to sleep by the door of some temple I happen to wander near.
(18) Then that time will come when this material body will become a tasty feast for all of the aquatics. (When it is thrown into the river at the time of death.)
(19) Then, living eternally in my spiritual body, at the feet of a gopi in her own grove, I will finally serve my greatly treasured Lord Krsna.
(20) Oh Jahnava Devi! Please show your causeless mercy to me now! This is all that is prayed for today by this desperate, worthless sinner.