Are Bhai Bhaja Mora Gauranga Carana

Are Bhai Bhaja Mora Gauranga Carana

Narottam Das Thakur has written this song “Are Bhai Bhaja Mora Gauranga Carana”. The official name of this song is Gauranga Nistha. This song is taken from the book Prarthana. In this song, Narottam Das Thakur has described how he is suffering greatly due to being averse to the lotus feet of Lord Gaura and advises others to take shelter of the merciful Lord Gaura.

are bhai bhaja mora gauranga-carana
na bhajiya mainu duhkhe dubi' grha-bisa-kupe
dagdha kaila e panca parana

tapa-traya-bisanale ahar-nisi hiya jwale
deha sada haya acetana
ripu-basa indriya haila gora-pada pasabila
bimukha haila hena dhana

hena gaura dayamaya chadi' saba laja-bhaya
kaya mane laha re sarana
parama durmati chila tare gora uddharila
ta'ra haila patita-pabana

gora dwija-nata-raje bandhaha hrdaya-majhe
ki karibe samsara-samana
narottama dasa kahe agora-sama keha nahe
na bhajite deya prema-dhana
1) O brother, please worship the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga. I have not worshipped them, but instead have dived into the poisonous well of materialistic household-life, and as a result my five life-airs are burning with the poison of material life.

2) Day and night I burn in the poisonous fire of the threeforld miseries of material life, and as a result I repeatedly faint. mys senses are overwhelmed by lust, agreed, and numberless other enemies, and I am averse to the great treasure which is the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga.

3) O brother, give up all fear and shyness, and take shelter of merciful Lord Gauranga. Lord Gauranga rescues those who are most wicked at heart, and therefore He is known as Patita-pavana, the savior of the fallen.

4) If you place Lord Gauranga, the brahmana king of dancers, within your heart, then what will death be able to do to you? Narottama dasa says: There is no one equal to Lord Gauranga. Even if one will not become His devotee, still Lord Gauranga will freely give him the treasure of love of Krsna.

Are Bhai Bhaja Mora Gauranga Carana – Sung by HG Jai Sachinanadana Prabhu