Yauvane Jakhon Dhana Uparjane

Yauvane Jakhon Dhana Uparjane ,gopal bolo

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Yauvane Jakhon Dhana Uparjane”. The official Name for this song is “Dainya Song 3”. This song is taken from the book Sarangati. Bhaktivinod Saraswati Thakura says that we get a human body after repeated births and deaths. We get so caught up with material desires like marriage, children, wealth that we wasted our entire youth and energy acquiring it. Now during old age when sickness has overpowered us we want to chant the names of Krishna. But we do not have that kind of energy left. Death can come any moment so one needs to engage one selves in chanting the glories of Gopinath from the beginning itself.
yauvane jakhona,  dhana-uparjane,
hoinu vipula kami
dharama smariya,  grhinira kara,
dhorinu takhona ami
samsara pata’ye,  tahara sahita,
kala-khoy koinu koto
bahu suta-suta,  janama lobhilo,
marame hoinu hato
samsarera bhara,  bade dine dine,
acala hoilo gati
bardhakya asiya,  gherilo amare,
asthira hoilo mati
pidaya asthira,  cintaya jwarita,
abhave jwalita cita
upaya na dekhi,  andhakara-moya,
ekhona ho’yechi bhita
samsara-tatani- srota nahe sesa,
marana nikate ghora
saba samapiya,  bhojibo tomaya,
e asa biphala mora
ebe suno prabhu!  ami gati-hina,
bhakativinoda koya
tava krpa bina,  sakali nirasa,
deho’ more padasroya
(1) When I was young, I greatly desired to earn money. At that time bearing in mind the codes of religion, I took a wife.
(2) Together we set up a household, wasted much time, had many sons and daughters… my heart grew heavy.
(3) The burden increased day by day, I felt my life at a standstill. Old age came, grabbed me, and made my mind fickle and disturbed.
(4) Diseases trouble me now, and constant anxiety has made me feverish. My heart burns from lack of satisfaction, and I see no way out. All is darkness and I am very much afraid.
(5) The current of this worldly river is strong and relentless. A frightening, gloomy death approaches. How I wish I could give up my worldly attachments. I would worship You, O Lord, but it is a useless hope.
(6) Now please hear me, O Lord, for I am utterly helpless. Bhaktivinoda says, “Without Your mercy, everything is lost. Please give me the shelter of Your lotus feet.”