Sacira Angane Kabhu

 Sri Krishna Chaitanya, Bhaktivinod Thakur, Sacira Angane Kabhu

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Sacira Angane Kabhu”. The Official Name for this song is Prasada Sevaya Song 3. This song is taken from the book Gitavali. Bhaktivinoda Thakura describes how Madhavendra Puri who is a very pure devotee of Sri Krishna Chaitanya feels the ecstasy while eating the prasad. The remnants of Govind Hare is enjoyed by all the three worlds. One can purify one selves by eating this prasad and chanting the names of Sri Krishna.
sacir angane kabhu,  madhavendra-puri prabhu,
prasadanna korena bhojan
khaite khaite ta’ra,  ailo prema sudurbar,
bole, suno sannyasira gan
moca-ghanta phula-badi,  dali-dalna-caccadi,
saci-mata korilo randhan
ta’ra suddha bhakti heri’,  bhojana korilo hari,
sudha-sama e anna-byanjan
yoge yogi pay jaha,  bhoge aj ha’be taha,
`hari’ boli’ khao sabe bhai
krsnaera prasad-anna,  tri-jagat kore dhanya,
tripurari nace jaha pai’
(1) O brothers! Madhavendra Puri Prabhu sometimes honored prasad in the courtyard of Mother Saci. While eating and eating he would become overwhelmed by symptoms of ecstatic love of God. Once he addressed therenunciates who were accompanying him, "O assembled sannyasis! Just listen to this:
(2) "Mother Saci has cooked many varieties of prasad, such as semi-solid delicacies made with banana flower, a special dahl preparation, baskets of fruits, small square cakes made of lentils and cooked-down milk, among others. Seeing her pure devotion, Lord Krsna personally ate all these preparations, which are just like nectar.
(3) "O brothers! All the results that the mystic yogis obtain by the diligent practice of yoga will be obtained today by taking these remnants of the Lord. Everyone come and eat the prasad of Lord Hari and shout His holy name! The three worlds are made glorious by the presence of the foodgrains left by Lord Krsna. Even Lord Tripurari dances in great joy on obtaining that prasad.