Para Tattva Bicaksana

Bhaktivinod Thakur, Para Tattva Bicaksana , sri Krsna

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written a song The Official Name for this song is Yamuna Bhavavali Song 03. This song is taken from the book Gitamala. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that there are some atheist who like to suffer in this material world. For them these sufferings are happiness. The revealed scriptures describes the eternal form and qualities of Hari Govinda. In this song all great sages in their scriptures have told the importance of Krishna’s qualities and transcendental pastimes.
hari he
para-tattwa bicaksana   byasa adi muni-gana
sastra bicariya bara bara
prabhu taba nitya-rupa  guna-sila anurupa
tomara caritra sudha-sara
suddha-sattwa-moyi lila  mukhya-sastre prokasila
jibera kusala su-bidhana
rajas-tamo-guna-andha  asura-prakrti-manda-
jane taha bujhita na jane
nahi mane nitya-rupa  bhajiya manduka-kupa
rahe tahe udasina praya
e bhaktibinoda gaya  ki durdaiba haya haya
hari-dasa nahi hari paya
(1-2) Oh my Lord! All the great sages headed by Srila Vyasadeva are most experienced and wise regarding the transcendental truth. This is because they discuss and deliberate on the revealed scriptures again and again. Thereby they help to manifest these sacred literatures which reveal Your eternal personal form abounding in all virtuous qualities, Your divine character which is the very essence of ambrosial nectar as well as Your eternal pastimes of pure transcendental goodness. These principle scriptures thus prescribe the path of auspicious well-being for all souls. However, those unfortunate souls who are blinded by the material modes of passion and ignorance, who harbor the nature of demons, and who are foolish and dull-minded cannot possibly understand Your divine form or pastimes which are described throughout all these scriptures.
(3) Those who live in this universe but are not interested in Your eternal form remain completely oblivious just like ignorant frogs who live in a small, shallow well. Now Bhaktivinoda sings, alas! What an unfortunate, sorry situation has arisen here! For it seems that the eternal servants of Hari have not become fixed up in the service of their eternal Lord Hari.